Changde: cracked a fugitive theft case

After the arrest of the suspect.After solving the case to restore the loss, the masses for the police to send a banner.Massachusetts moment changde April 1 – (correspondent Zhao Wei Wuling jia-ni li) on March 31, chang DE city public security bureau office wear purple river police station carefully organized, meticulous investigation, on the successful capture of less than 12 hours, a horde of theft crime suspect theft crimes solved two, for two people.”Spirit boy” massage shop “shoplifting” March 30 at 6 p.m., wear Zihe police station received a report from the masses, said that in the area of a massage shop, someone took advantage of the rest of the staff, in the way of “shoplifting” theft of a mobile phone, and massage shop parked at the entrance of the suspected suspect driving an electric car.Suspect is in thievery mobile phone after get hands, unexpectedly by massage inn another employee discovery, then go out to run, forget its stop in the doorway of electric car, alleged: stole “sesame”, lost “watermelon”!After receiving the report, the police through the monitoring of the scene, found that the suspect wearing an ill-fitting black cotton-padded clothes, pull up jeans legs, comb small flat hair, a pair of “spirit boy” dress, physical characteristics are very obvious.”Police shu shu” the main city “tracking pull damage” case needs to be small, but the police attaches great importance to it, and quickly carried out the case investigation, through 6 hours of continuous operation, at about 21 o ‘clock that night successfully outlined the clear outline of the suspect, and mastered the whereabouts of the suspect.In view of the suspect to stay at the scene of the electric car, the police through the row, verified for half a month ago a crowd in wuling district an Internet cafe door was stolen.Subsequently, the police took the waiting, at 5am on the 31st, less than 12 hours, will be in wuling district a network just ready to access the Internet suspect Qiu mou captured.Classics trial, suspect qiu mou to the criminal facts of two larceny confessed.According to its account, Qiu Mou for theft, when released in December, doing nothing all day long, for the cash-strapped, he rode after stolen electric cars in wuling district around looking for the targets, occurred after massage shop, found a staff at rest, the store with a cell phone on the desk, so he read “” mind either good or bad.Did not bear, only a night of “happy time”, qiu mou was arrested by public security organs.At present suspect qiu mou has been detained, the case is being investigated further.In this police remind: the general public to improve the awareness of self-prevention, timely close the doors and Windows of houses and vehicles, especially after the parking of electric vehicles to lock the lock, do not give the opportunity to criminals.In view of new crimes such as online fraud and online gambling, the general public should download the APP of the National Anti-fraud Center in time to guard their “money bags”.

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