Dry goods sharing, western food tableware display on formal occasions

Dry share | formal occasions put western-style food tableware | | | tableware progression was based on a different dishes carefully lined up.Start by placing the main plate (or soup) at the front of your seat, about an inch from the table, with the fork in your left hand, the knife in your right, and the spoon to the right.—————— the number of knives and forks for dinner and the number of dishes is equal, according to the order of serving from the outside to the inside of the arrangement, knife edge inward, dining in order from the outside of the middle row with, in turn is to eat appetizers with, eat fish with, eat meat with.—————— Place the dessert spoon and fork and coffee spoon on top of the main plate, and place the wine glass slightly to the right.The number of glasses equals the type of wine.Main plate right front is in turn: beer mug (water cup), red wine cup, white wine glass, champagne glass.—————— Napkins are folded in beer mugs or placed on dinner plates.The bread plate is placed on the top of the left hand, and the butter knife is placed across the plate with the blade facing me.—————— For more formal dinners, napkins are made of cloth.Fancy restaurant napkins are often beautifully folded and sometimes tied with little ribbons.️ Don’t wipe your nose or face with a napkin.—————— with napkin, a little bit of clean mouth, do not wipe.When not using a napkin, place it flat on your lap.If you need to leave the table temporarily, leave your napkin on your chair.—————— after eating away from the table can be used napkin back to the table.This is because westerners consider it very unclean to return something that has touched personal dirt to the shared table.Table manners table manners sharing knowledge setting table manners Setting table manners setting table manners setting table manners

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