EDG beats IG: Sorry for Xun!EDG doesn’t look that coordinated

EDG beat IG 2-0 in the LPL spring game after two games.EDG has just won the world championship, and IG is a former world champion team, so this match has attracted a lot of attention from overseas netizens. Let’s see what they think of it.- Leading the world champion 8K economy doesn’t work either.- Imagine what it would be like to lose after making a huge gap in the field.Feel sorry for Xun.- This is where leopard Girl comes in, she has the advantage of being able to brush quickly and dominate the map and view early on, but this hero has trouble in the mid and late stages, EDG has better coordination.- feels like IG malfunctioned in the second innings, they were leading by a lot but didn’t look like they were leading.- It’s just that the early Leopard woman did a lot of things.-EDG shows us why they are world champions.- I still don’t think EDG is as coordinated as people think.- because they beat the team when they were behind 8K economy, I think EDG is pretty good.- I thought EDG would relax at the beginning of the season.- There is no Viper gap.- IG can’t find a good ADC since JKL left.- It is rumored that IG has signed a new AD.- Lucas grabs hammerstones from the plane charge pack. It stinks.- Yeah, there’s something fishy about his operation.- Big lead in game 1, EDG comes back to win game 2.- Feeling bad about EDG, although the current world champions are not going down that easily, it feels like they are still playing badly.- To be honest, IG had a good economic advantage in the early stage, but they had a bit of bad luck, something that could have been avoided and not allowed EDG to develop.But it’s so hard to beat EDG, you have to beat all five of them at the same time to have a chance, which is kind of crazy.- Great game for EDG, Scout showed us why he’s the FMVP at Worlds.So, what do you have to say about these overseas opinions?Do you have any different ideas?

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