Jf-17 and Rafale serve together!What is Iraq’s purpose in buying fighter jets from China and France?

The Indian army is often said to be armed with “wanguo” weapons as it is used to buying weapons from us, Russia, France and other countries.In fact, this is not the style of India alone, many countries will make this choice when importing equipment.Iraq plans to buy 14 Rafale fighter jets from France and 12 JF-17 light fighter jets from China, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation to the People’s Daily of The People’s Republic of China.It is not often that NATO-style equipment and Chinese exports will serve in the same army.The Iraqi Air Force has chosen Chinese and French f-16s to replace its current fleet of US-made F-16s, which have no potential to be upgraded due to shortages of spare parts and nearing the end of their service life.Interestingly, Iran is trying to win both the approval of NATO countries and the support of China.Such a situation is mainly due to the impact of the Iraq War launched by the United States.Before the Iraq war, Iraq was a privileged country in the Middle East, but after the war, it became a byword for chaos. The United States completely disturbed the country’s tranquility, leaving behind a mess and a Western-style democracy that did not suit the country’s conditions.Iraq is badly in need of outside help, especially reconstruction.When Iraq joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative in 2015, a large number of Chinese companies and funds immediately entered the country to help build oil fields, hydropower stations and railways.It is because of such a good basis for cooperation that The Iraqi authorities are very happy to cooperate with China. The purchase of Chinese “JF-17 thunder” fighter jets by the Iraqi military is also intended to strengthen china-Iraq relations.Of course, as a Middle Eastern country, Iraq is immune to western influence.French Mirage 3 fighters used by the Israeli Air Force during the Third Middle East War in 1967 made a deep impression on many Arab countries.Trained Israeli pilots flying Mirage 3 shot down a large number of Soviet-made mig-21 fighters equipped by Arab states.So starting in the late 1970s, Iraq also began to buy fighter jets from France, such as the Mirage F1.The deal for the Rafale is logical because of the confidence in The French aircraft.As for the positioning of the JF-17 and Rafale in the Equipment sequence of the Iraqi Air Force, it is quite clear that the former, as a light multi-role fighter, will be positioned as a low-end air control fighter capable of carrying out ground attack.The Rafale, a medium-sized multi-role fighter, focuses on high-end air combat.Of course, this does not mean that Chinese fighter jets are inferior to French products, we also have stronger foreign trade models, but for the Iraqi air force, the jF-17 thunder is enough, and that is enough.

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