Lakers reporters said the deal will be done, James affected by its attitude on the court as ice

At the end of the lakers vs. Bucks game, losing 15 points is nothing, losing 1 point is also lost, losing 40 points is also lost, to the playoffs are 0-0!But no matter win or lose, need to sum up, in order to play better in the future!In this game, Westbrook did not have many black spots. He was always fighting hard on the court. In this game, Westbrook made it clear that it was not my fault.A closer look at the game shows that the lakers’ defense still needs improvement.It wasn’t the bucks’ shooting accuracy, it was their defensive pressing.No pressing defense, let center Howard shoot, can average 800 3s a game!James needs to get his defensive attitude right, and there are plenty of details that show that when James goes down, the lakers’ defense comes right up.And in the fourth quarter, with the lakers scoring points, there was no Lebron James on the court.Until James after the game, chase points momentum suddenly stopped!James may have been affected by off-court factors.According to the Lakers Central, the Lakers told Lakers reporter David Buha that he believes the Lakers will reach a deal before the deadline.But he didn’t say how big the deal was or how much chips were involved.Who would it be?Let’s start with the Blazers!The Trail Blazers also gave up the season after their star, Lillard, underwent surgery and was sidelined for the season.But also in preparation for next season’s lineup, if the trade does not come to Grant, only rely on Lillard a person to compete for the championship hope is too slim!The Blazers could be completely broken and trade Lillard!So I’m going out on a wild guess, maybe the lakers will go with Westbrook as the main body, and again, with lillard and Nurkic as the targets

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