Shunqing carries out “Pushing the door to attend classes”

Shunqing district on March 30th, the teacher training school teams to score in nanchong city and district teaching and research section organization to carry out the “pushed the door and listen to the teacher,” take “a listen to, watch, SanPing” approach, the preparation before class, class structure, and the effect of classroom interaction and classroom all-the-way tracking view, from the line to understand the teacher to carry out the “ShuangJian” policy, as well as the concept of new curriculum reform and the achievement of the teaching goal,And the students’ mastery of classroom knowledge was tested on the spot.In the subsequent feedback meeting of “pushing the door to attend classes”, the supervision group gave affirmation to the education and teaching work of Nanchong No. 9 Middle School, believing that the teachers are fully prepared before class, work seriously and responsibly, the classroom teaching is smooth, students’ participation is high, and the classroom effect is good.At the same time, suggestions and suggestions are also put forward, hoping that teachers should pay more attention to the control of teaching content and time rhythm, give full play to teachers’ dominance and students’ autonomy, and further focus on the implementation, effectiveness and efficiency of classroom teaching.Nanchong in nine zhao-hui Yang on behalf of the school principal guidelines for the teams to help to thank him, he said, will be in the “pushed the door and listen” as an opportunity to continue to deepen the reform of classroom teaching, carry out independent “pushed the door and listen to the teacher” activities, tries to build up effective classroom charm, vigor classroom, classroom, steadily improving the quality of school education teaching.It is understood that “attending classes by pushing the door” is the key work in 2022 deployed by shunqing Education, Science and Sports Bureau. It aims to promote classroom teaching innovation, create high-quality and light-load classrooms, promote teachers’ teaching level, and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching.In order to better understand the classroom teaching status of front-line teachers, the Education, Science and Sports Bureau of Shunqing District and relevant units and departments led the expert team to go straight to the school and directly into the classroom, and randomly selected classes according to the school’s total curriculum schedule for “pushing the door to attend classes”.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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