Spring snow full Cangshan, Cangshan hidden meaning | Macheng spring snow

Spring snow covers green mountaingreen mountain hide deep meaning.”Spring snow covers green mountaingreen mountain hide deep meaning” It is said that walking is the most gorgeous and brilliant freedom in life. “Xuyong Macheng town is located in the south of Xuyong County.54 kilometers away from the county seat, out of Hainan channel 321 national highway line – Dana road across ma urban and rural areas, the terrain here is high in the north and low in the south, a high mountain and hilly zone.\ | / snow winter jasmine to because of the high mountains advantaged geographical advantage, even in macheng also ushered in the spring after spring begins first snow \ | / spring full zhon mountain snow cover on the cangshan m, evergreen pine also on white look far into the sky clouds, like a painting fairyland \ | / features hidden meaning macheng not only has beautiful scenery,The food industry here is very mature and the cultivation of radish, cabbage and other mountain vegetables are in short supply and the cultivation of chicken abietylum and flue-cured tobacco is gradually emerging in this mountainous area,Countless beautiful scenery and surprises for you to explore to be continued photography Sun Dengyong editor He Xinlan review published travel Xuyong pay attention to cultural travel Xuyong @ Xuyong Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau

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