The fifth year to meet the god of wealth | keep security, is to keep the greatest wealth

The fifth day of the first lunar month, commonly known as Buwu, means breaking taboos. It is a traditional day for people to open shops, welcome the god of wealth and eat dumplings.Many places still retain firecrackers “to welcome the god of wealth” custom suzhou fire remind you to prohibit any units and individuals throughout the year to set off fireworks, sales fireworks non – set off fireworks in the area must choose open space to eliminate illegal fireworks behavior!Sliding around to see the holidays to insufficient home friends already the fifth day on the way return to meet the god of wealth in peace is the biggest wealth travel peak traffic traffic complex comity three points larger peace in drivers avoid dangerous driving, fatigue driving, pay attention to safety ▌ drawing: Wu Yiqiang ▌ editor: NiXian hui ▌ release:Suzhou fire all jobs in the media center annual grade | in the lunar New Year holiday home fire prevention principle of annual 4 pick it | careful with fire, and don’t forget the kitchen safety “shooting” in the bedroom?Didn’t “fire” the house, “fried” the parents…

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