The high-scoring crime drama “Dawn of the Narcos,” with two Oscar-winning actors bringing a different look

Today recommend a more classic movie “Dawn of the Love Owl”, the film by the two Oscar won the best actor Al Pacino and Sean Penn starring, acting quite good.Al Pacino has played fierce roles in a number of gangster movies, but there is always a touch of tenderness in them, which is very attractive. Sean Penn does not know much about it, but he has won a lot of awards in his life, including the classic work “Dead Man Walking”.It is a 1993 crime drama about a drug Lord named Callido (Al Pacino), who is imprisoned for five years after being bribed by a lawyer named David (Sean Penn) to clear his name.Cali after prison in more recognition, the decision want to lean against nightclubs lawyer David introduce him to earn $75000 left enough, then after meet ex-girlfriend (pictured above) is to want to live a normal life, so he has changed a lot, even know to the killer is deliberately let himself look down on little drug traffickers.But did not think of him the friend David that trusts most drew endless trouble to him, this black way lawyer should draw clear his measure and boundary originally, did not think of to be in callie many in prison a few years however more and more audacious, even black the huge sum that Mafia bought witness, was immersed in life crisis.But the most important thing calidor is jianghu morality, know this thing is not reliable or follow David with the boat to pick up the escape of the Mafia leader, but David has received the man after killing him and to pick up his son, sit his greed, calidor also because he violated the rules of jianghu and he drew the line.After the lawyer was retaliation by the Mafia, while police have found kali, and give him listen to the tape of the original lawyers report themselves, did not think of your most trusted betrayed their, but more than a has not promised to testify in Cali, but at the time of visit David secretly to unload bullets in his gun, let him with a gun being beaten, also be retribution.But he was also the Mafia, although in a thrilling fled the kill the Mafia, but I didn’t think was initially let little drug traffickers to revenge, and this time betrayed his own are told a traitor, but also because trust Cali didn’t listen to other people’s tales, Cali more walk, eventually he betrayed, away from each other in the worldYou don’t have to be so tired.”Dawn of the Love Owl” is a Chinese title, the Original English name Carlito'S Way is the direct translation of “The Way of Caliddo/The Way of Caliddo”, which is more consistent with the moral of the film. Although Caliddo is a gangster character but extremely heavy on love and righteousness, people around him betrayed him one by one but he never betrayed his friends, but he eventually paid the price for his trust.This is an unforgettable screen image, which makes people see the real man in this kind of crime film, but the plot is also realistic. In the Mafia society, there are only interests and no friends. The price of trusting others is to become a stepping stone for others, even if you are really great.The film a lot of excellent long application, make a few games after drama do tension, although this film has been expressly, at the beginning of the end of the death, but pacino performances such as textbook or on the plot of vexed, sorry tale of the development of the story is very difficult to make people guess, it’s worth a look.

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