The same garlic ballads, “red head” and “green head” difference is very big, learn to buy again

The same garlic ballads, “red head” and “green head” difference is very big, learn to buy again.Hello, everybody.I’m Jiang Yizhou, the chef.It’s time to share food with you again today. Are you ready?Garlic moss is one of the most common vegetables we eat in winter, fried with preserved pork, not to mention how greedy!Especially in the New Year’s day, big fish and meat to eat more would like to eat cool and refreshing garlic moss.In addition to cooking garlic moss can be eaten, there is a new way to eat is cold!When I was young, I would plant some garlic moss in my home.Just long good garlic moss, just pulled out when you can eat steamed bread.A root of garlic moss, even eat two steamed buns are not too much.Do not know if you have eaten raw garlic moss?Surely careful friends know that there are two kinds of garlic moss.One is the red garlic Ballads, the other is the green garlic Ballads.So what’s the difference between these two kinds of garlic moss?Like to eat garlic moss but not the choice of friends, quickly follow me to learn it.Is the same garlic ballads, red garlic ballads and green garlic moss specific difference?NO.1 varieties of different kinds of garlic friends know that garlic is divided into purple garlic and white garlic.As garlic grows, it develops garlic moss.The red garlic Ballads come from purple garlic and the green garlic moss comes from white garlic.So the varieties of red – headed garlic and green – headed garlic moss are different.NO.2 Different time to market green garlic comes to market earlier, march to April every year garlic moss began to appear in large numbers.The red garlic comes in a little later, in May or June.Market time is different, also determines the price of these two kinds of garlic moss is different.Green head garlic moss is listed early, so its price will generally be stable at about 5 to 6 yuan, until July and August every year, when a large number of formal garlic moss on the market.At this time many kinds of garlic vegetable farmers, will let everyone come to purchase free.If the garlic is not removed from the garlic in time, it will affect the amount of garlic produced.Garlic moss is cheap compared to garlic, and it is cheapest in July and August.One catty can be sold for about two to three fen, so if you want to buy cheap garlic ballads, you can wait until July or August to buy them.Friends who have time can also go directly to pick.NO.3 Different nutritional value green garlic comes to market earlier, almost all the nutrients are long in the garlic moss inside.So the price of green garlic is higher at this time.The red garlic, on the other hand, came to market later, leaving the main nutritional value in the garlic.So the red garlic ballads are not as nutritious as the green garlic moss.If you want to eat nutritious garlic moss, the best choice is green head garlic moss.How do garlic ballads taste good?Many friends are directly under the pan fried, no wonder the garlic ballads do not have the aroma of the restaurant.Whatever you do with your garlic, fry it in 50% hot oil.The garlic moss made in this way is delicious and delicious.Like to eat garlic friends hurry to try it.Ok, so that’s the difference between red and green garlic moss.Do you have any other views on this?Feel free to share them in the comments section.Like this article remember to collect and forward.I’ll see you next time.

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