Today the Lantern Festival!Wuhan traffic police issued an early warning about travel from work!

Overall | design | Chen Chang lily today is the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, there will be many activities in wuhan city 14 night wuhan police issued a warning: 15, 18 to 20 when the yellow crane tower east road, garden expo garden east road, Huang Shilu, zhongshan road there will be more apparent part of congested roads may also appear congestion queuing citizens pay attention to avoid these sections haze waring street Lantern Festival atmosphere.According to the recent forecast of the city’s operation status and historical law, the traffic management department is expected to be smooth in the morning rush hour on The 15th, and the congestion level rose about 7% compared with the same period last week.In the evening, due to the increase of reunion dinner and other activities, migrant workers returning to Han and other factors, the city is expected to be light to moderate congestion, congestion level increased by about 16% compared to the same period last week.Traffic across the city is likely to recover to about 2.1 million vehicles, up 200,000 from the same period last week, or 10%.On the evening of 15th, the traffic congestion in Chuhehan Street, Wuguang, Jiekou, Jinyitan Aeon, Lingjiaohu Wanda, Optics Valley Plaza, Jianghan Road and other business areas is relatively high, which may reach moderate to severe congestion during evening rush hours.The congestion time of surrounding roads such as Songzhu Road, Jiefang Avenue, Luoshi Road, Jinyantan Avenue, Tangjiadun Road, Luoyu Road, Minsheng Road and Jinghan Avenue is expected to be prolonged by 1 to 2 hours compared with ordinary working days, and queuing phenomenon may occur in the entrance and exit roads of shopping malls.Yuanxiao is celebrated in the expo garden.Reporter Li Yonggang photo traffic management department please the general public to plan travel routes in advance, pay attention to avoid “three stops one race” and university surrounding roads, try to choose public transport, wrong peak travel to avoid congestion.At the same time to celebrate the festival, Wuhan Traffic police will continue to carry out centralized rectification of drunk driving, sending 40 rectification groups to focus on key road sections, highlighting the night from 8 to 3 in the morning of the next day, fixed points to detect drunk driving, disqualified drivers, drivers friends remember not to drink, drink not to drive.People who are going to the Garden Expo Park today, please try your best to take public transportation, and please plan your travel routes in advance and park your cars according to the regulations.Public transportation: Take Metro Line 7 and get off at Yuanboyuan Station.Or bus 336, 342, 790, 792 in the Garden Expo Park East road station off into the park.Self-drive routes: 1. Second Ring Road (two-way second Ring Road) — Changqing Elevated Road — (Jiangxing Road, Jiangfa Road, Jiangda Road) — Yuanboyuan East Road;2. Third Ring Road (Changqing direction) — Yuanbo East Road;3. Three Ring Road (river bank direction) — Changqing Interchange — Jinnan First Road (U-turn) — Jinnan First Road Viaduct — Yuanboyuan East Road;4. Gutian Bridge (Third Ring Road) — Gutian Second Road — Gutian Second Road Overpass — Third Ring Road (Changqing direction) — Yuanbo East Road.In case of concentrated vehicle travel, the traffic management department may take temporary traffic control measures according to the situation, please vehicle drivers and the general public consciously abide by, cooperate with the command and management of the traffic police on duty.In addition, the public is reminded to pay attention to the Lantern Festival, in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control of the regular, gather less, more ventilation, wash hands frequently, wear masks, do a good job of personal health protection.Gu Ailing, Su Yiming has rushed gold in 15 days!Gu Ailing and Su Yiming will compete in the women’s snowboard platform final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, the 11th day of competition.Changjiang Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV news, People’s Daily, news broadcast and network collection and collation if there is infringement please timely contact to inform deletion pride!Winter Olympics MEDALS reached nine grid net friends line up to comfort Jia Zongyang!”It’s an honour to play for your country!”Hot search brush screen!Gu refused to listen to her mother’s advice and insisted on magnifying her last move

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