Who could refuse to buy a car with a budget of 150,000 yuan?

“Would you believe it if YOU were told you could buy a product from a Formula One engine maker for $150,000?”It’s not unusual.As the most passionate motorsport brand in history, Honda began to shuttle in F1 Formula, Le Mans 24 hours endurance race, MOTO GP and other international top motor sports since the 1970s, and won the CHAMPIONSHIP of FORMULA One formula in 2021 season with Red Bull Racing team.Therefore, in the eyes of many people, Honda is a formula One legend.If Honda’s “champion spirit” of constantly surpassing and extreme sports is applied to a specific car, I think it can only be the Civic.Indeed, no matter the EK9 in the past or the Type-R later, the charm of civic has attracted the admiration and pursuit of groups of young people.Since its debut in 1972, Civic has gone through 11 generations of models and is deeply loved and trusted by more than 27 million car owners in more than 170 countries.The restless Honda “red blood” is precisely because of this extreme sporting image, we will find that the “Civic red” is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Civic.Perhaps in people’s eyes, red symbolizes movement and radicalism, which is the most perfect interpretation of the civic spirit.The eleventh generation civic, which continues the classic color matching of “pull red”, is still the best “opening way” of civic.As if flowing with Honda’s “red blood”, the 11th generation Civic with the “pull red” color palette highlights the fighting atmosphere in color, while the smooth body lines perfectly outline the full muscles.For the young generation of consumer groups, this “temptation” is obviously hard to resist.At the same time, in order to further enhance the youth-oriented atmosphere, the 11th generation Civic also provides more sports kits to be optional.These include black wheels, shark fins and a sports duck tail, which complement the “pull red” body to meet the customization needs of the user.In addition, the new Civic uses bright red leather stitching in the center control, steering wheel and interior details to further stimulate the driver’s desire to fight, so that the user can better stimulate the vehicle’s performance potential.In addition to the “red” visible to the naked eye, there is a restless “heart” hidden under the new Civic tachometer.The new 240 TURBO engine can produce a maximum of 182 horsepower and a peak torque of 240 N · m, making the overall performance more “manic” than the old model. This is the first time that the 240 TURBO high power engine is used in the Civic family.Moreover, thanks to the advantages of the L15 series engine of “Earth Dream”, the new Civic has brought more space for late modification, allowing young owners to squeeze all the performance of the vehicle, constantly breaking the limit, and further enhancing the later playability of the product.And this is also consistent with Honda’s “champion spirit”.A veritable “technology nerd” era is changing, and people’s demand for vehicles is also changing. With the gradual popularization of Internet technology in the automobile industry, intelligent cockpit is gradually replacing the traditional car mode.Of course, as the continuation of Honda star models, the 11th generation civic in addition to the power and appearance of the new, intelligent, network upgrade has become another invisible “inner beauty”.In many people’s eyes, Japanese cars are reliable and traditional.In the era of intelligent, the new Civic is also actively seeking breakthroughs, especially for the younger generation of consumers, who not only pay more attention to the visual sensory experience of products, but also put forward higher requirements for the technological configuration of vehicles.To this end, Honda has for the first time installed the most advanced Honda CONNECT3.0 intelligent and connected system on the 11th generation civic.The new vehicle-machine system not only integrates many advanced functions such as 4G network connection, but also upgrades the UI interface of the system, making the overall operation logic more smooth. The addition of more color elements also enables users to find the information and functions they want faster in the process of driving, greatly improving driving safety.In addition to having a more human car machine system, Dongfeng Honda also has a deep insight into the needs of contemporary young people.On the basis of Honda CONNECT3.0 intelligent and guided Internet system, the car voice shopping function is implanted. Users can achieve remote shopping through the car 4G networking technology, and they can “buy” their favorite goods anytime and anywhere.For office workers, Honda CONNECT3.0 system also supports online takeout function, can be in the fast-paced rush to pre-order lunch food, let “what will eat later?”It is no longer a worry for people, and perfectly realizes the seamless connection between mobile and daily life.After the upgrade, the AI voice assistant can not only recognize guangzhou dialect, Sichuan dialect and other dialects, but also has a stronger learning ability to meet the command habits of different users.It can be said that the 11th generation civic is leading the development of compact family cars under the support of Honda CONNECT3.0 intelligent and guided interconnection system.Under the halo of Honda sport gene and intelligent reform, the new Civic not only has A radical appearance and power output, but also constantly follow the pace of The Times to achieve self-evolution. The addition of on-board network technology has changed the traditional way of using cars.Looking back at the car market as a whole, the Civic seems to be the only car that can still sell well after 50 years of development.According to the latest sales data, civic sold A total of 166,127 units in China in 2021, which shows that civic is still the backbone of the A-class sedan market.And J.D Power’s perennial top retention rate also reflects civic’s strong market position.As the most sporty model within 200,000, the new Civic is more like an epitome, Honda set professional racing and civil car integration of a generation of products.It not only carries Honda’s restless “red” blood, but also leads the pace of civil car development.As for whether you will move for it?I think, with a budget of 150,000 yuan, no one can refuse this “Civic red”.

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