Kang Sheng’s cursive handwriting amazes netizens, and his brush style is ancient, and his attainments are among the best in the world after the founding of the People’s Republic of China

If we abandon other factors and simply take calligraphy, there is an old gentleman’s calligraphy, we have to take it out.It can be said that in terms of a certain style alone, his calligraphy level is absolutely called the first-class level since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.He is Kang Sheng.Kang Sheng’s calligraphy level is really unusual, in his brush and ink, we can find many traces of calligraphy, such as the style of wei and Jin dynasties, tang and Song dynasties, and so on.Some people say that if kang sheng’s calligraphy is compared with that of many calligraphers today, kang sheng’s level will definitely eclipse that of many famous masters in The Chinese Calligrapher association.This is neither groundless nor alarmist.Kang sheng was born in Shandong province and came from a famous family.His calligraphy attainments were cultivated when he was a child.Because of his profound copying foundation, the width of his calligraphy is also enormous, rather than simple imitation.Kang Sheng is good at calligraphy, but the most famous and impressive thing about Kang Sheng is his calligraphy.Zhang Cao in cursive script is very unique, because it is not connected between the words, but is not a completely separate individual, they are more closely related in the style of the word rhyme.So good zhang Cao is a pen broken meaning even, words into poetry.We have also said that Kang Sheng’s zhang Cao is very famous.This is mainly due to his extraordinary calligraphy.There are not many calligraphic works left by Kang Sheng, but each one has something admirable.In addition to the characteristics of traditional calligraphy, the main highlight of his calligraphy is the brushwork.In addition, the speed of writing is also fast and slow, which controls the air of the whole work. In the pause and frustration, it is also very unique.Suddenly in the pen, the risk of health like, ring around lingering, really is very meaningful.As for kang sheng’s calligraphy, some netizens think that Kang sheng’s calligraphy is of high style.His calligraphy completely reveals the simple and elegant style of calligraphy in Wei and Jin dynasties.Therefore, from Kang sheng’s calligraphy, we can not only appreciate kang sheng’s exploration of zhang Cao’s development, and he endowed Zhang Cao with new artistic expression, but also see the indispensable style of traditional Zhang Cao in the updating of modern calligraphy art.

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