Sichuan will complete 3.1 million mu of soybean and corn belt compound planting demonstration promotion this year

Cover news reporter Qin Yi Luo Tian Yi photography reports sichuan is the national soybean production province, consumption province.At present, The area of soybean in Sichuan ranks fourth in China, and the output ranks third in China.In the just released Opinions of sichuan Provincial Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government on Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization through key Work of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers in 2022, specific requirements were put forward for the promotion of soybean and corn strip combined planting.How will Sichuan promote soybean expansion in 2022?On March 14, xiao Xiaoyu, deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Sichuan Province, said at the press conference of the first document of the 2022 Provincial Party Committee that Sichuan will complete 3.1 million mu of soybean and corn belt composite planting demonstration and promotion task and the soybean sown area in the province will increase by 1 million mu compared to the previous year.Xiao xiao yu said, in view of 3.1 million mu of soybean corn belt compound planting demonstration project, has been to develop project implementation plan and technical solutions, clear by 18 cities (state) of 108 counties (city, area), undertake the task model promotion, the central government to the project implementation will be given subsidies of 150 yuan per mu, sichuan is to actively strive for the matching funds and policy support.At the same time strengthen technical training supervision.Organize experts from sichuan Agricultural University, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other teaching and scientific research units and agricultural technicians at all levels to carry out all-round, multi-channel and multi-level training.Will also be sent to 21 cities (state) key supervision of the expansion of soybeans around the work.

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