Three empty historical text, in the dark years, vowed to contend for the world, the establishment of the prosperous era!

Recently, many fans do not know what books to read, unwittingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian to this is the same.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian recommend to you: three aerial history, in the dark years, oath to contend for the world, the establishment of the prosperous era!The first “I am the imperial history, the opening denigrate female emperor” author: smoke smoke old bacon introduction: pass through different world, female emperor is brain-broken big beautiful girl!Building, blindly worship Buddha, do all kinds of evil, people suffering, the country will fail!Tang Can binding system, temple on the scold female emperor, Shouting subjugation!The female emperor left him alive, ordered him to do the crime!Into the pit guide: scold the Extension postba, Tang Can angrily back to the racecourse, anger still in.See Nie gu, more uncomfortable.However.He refrained from scolding him.There was silence for a moment, then a frown said: “In a few days, I will go to the cold, you do not go.”Nie Gu was surprised.Originally he still thought and Tang Can go to cool together.If nothing else, it will keep you in the dark.Moreover, in case there is something, he can help Tang Can deal with it.Hesitating for a while, seeing Tang Can’s brows locked, or refrained from opening his mouth.Tang can’s irritability was partly due to the event of going to the great Cold.In part, it was because of the bewilderment of these events that he was confused.Let’s not mention the cold.Things in Gaochang are already messy enough.”Have you ever been to Tabithecon?”Tang Can suddenly turned his head and looked at Nie Gu.Unexpected.Nie Gu said softly: “have been to.””I lived in Dafichuan until I was fifteen.””After I was thirty-five, I spent two years in Dafichuan.””Do you know anyone in Dafichuan?””Yes.””Look up someone for me.Check again, and bring me his body.”Silence for a moment, Nie Gu nodded: “You go to cool, I will go.””Good.”Tang Can nodded and said no more.(click on the below free reading) the second book, “our the rise of the southern song dynasty” author: three feather hall main introduction: small falcon characteristic brigade captain Wang Feng, in a battle to song dynasty, incarnation extract epurated from Zhao Gou, led to escort imperial bloody Huang Tuling, magnetic could achieve, took a let the rise of the renewal, the road of national unity.Guide to pit entry:Zhang Daliang way JingAn department after the establishment and the opening situation of report, and secondly, he received a jolt from the news, saying is to nomads from camp escorting a root enclosed silver being brothers, inadvertently see the camp team, this person quietly, quietly in a silver treasure to inadvertently pry nomads from seeks the gram accept official’s mouth, knowing the nomads from force action,Faintly heard a place “Zhongshan mansion”, come back to tell the Thunder zhen, thunder zhen told Zhang Daliang.Zhang Daliang just put a twelve-weight gold ingot into Leizheng’s hand and told him to “give it to your brother.In the future, I will tell my brothers that if any information is useful, jing ‘an will reward him ten times as much as he spends.So, tarmac ® ‘s army moves, and zhaogu’s dark world is gainedHe flew a letter to Zhang Daliang, quickly proved the jin Army forces, commander and other information.In addition, shao and left the camp is LeiYuan cruise ride out of the way, have a look at is the route to the north, in combination with shao and kiss the fragments, LeiYuan might know shao close to the direction of the old cao yesterday said to him, let he shao shao close of army and kiss the horses all check it again, say to the a trip to the far worse, horse iron palm cannot appear problem, all new,A pair of new horseshoes can go out of the distance is also a number, according to the calculation, should be in Kaifeng Tokyo City.Shao at this time to leave camp to Kaifeng Mansion, can only have a purpose, to live wang Camp, this is enough.(click below to read for free) the third “North Male” author: Hebian Grass introduction: three aerial historical text, in the dark years, vowed to contend for the world, the establishment of the prosperous era!In the sixth year of the great Cause, the powerful Sui ushered in a turning point.In this year, Emperor Yang Guang of The Sui dynasty began to prepare for the expedition against Koguryo, which was the prelude to the war at the end of the Sui Dynasty.For the next few years, the world was calm and prosperous.Eighteen road against the king, sixty-four road smoke, rough heroes, family, have come on stage, the world.Into the pit guide: Li break in the middle of galloping, still trying to adjust the tactics of the army.In fact, there wasn’t much he could do at the moment.After defeating the front line of the Tang army, the formation of the army was changed. The two wings continued to spread forward and soon protruded forward, forming the two forearms of the army.The two wings of Luo Shixin, Liu Jingsheng and other generals for the heart of war, take in everything in a glance.Simply, Li Po immediately ordered the Front of the Chinese army to ride slowly again, the light cavalry to advance, and close to the two wings to form a backing of the two wings.In fact, there was some confusion in the Cavalry at this time.After all, such a large cavalry combat cluster, it is not so easy to command, that is, the progress of the movement at this time is not fast, the distance of more than ten li, still allow the army to make a certain degree of adjustment.Otherwise, when the army really charges, any change of direction will need the guidance of the battle flag of the army general, and the effect of military orders and so on will be minimal.Li Po, who had been leading a large army for several years, had studied and even made some notes on the use of cavalry tactics.A thousand or so of cavalry, he thought, were the most useful cavalry units, both flexible and effective.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?At the end of the article below the comment area, small make up will be able to see oh, look forward to your message ~ to the period of wonderful content review: three invincible flow of fantasy novels, a rescue into darkness, accidentally obtain the soul bead, hegemony ten thousand world three fantasy text: at the time of life and death, the soul has changed, embark on a different road of practice!Three classical xiu Xian wen, bearing the will to set foot on the xiu Xian road, drink three thousand magic blood, the king of the world three historical novels on stilts, the start to obtain the “farmland” system, all things in heaven and earth can be “planted” three historical novels on stilts, dream back to Chang ‘an, for Li Tang Sheng Shiyan, this is my tang dynasty!

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