Yuhong Guangfeng Camry down payment package price from 6,080 yuan

Camry down payment package price from 6,080 yuan!The monthly payment starts at 3461 yuan!(including insurance + purchase tax + license + premium boutique package + maintenance package) 2021 Camry Hwan new launch, additional without price increase.Official guide price starting at 179,800, technological evolution, Internet evolution.New 2.5L double engine 219,800 starting sale, GAC Toyota double engine series enjoy battery free protection, interested friends can go to the shop to consult to buy, details see the table below: the store at a high price to buy second-hand cars, free for your car evaluation.The shop provides one-stop service for registration, tax payment, free restaurant for customers, free drinks.Free subway shuttle service!Regular disinfection in the store, high frequency disinfection in the exhibition hall, let you buy a car at ease.Wind and rain together road, China with you!The event will run from March 17, 2022 to March 24, 2022

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