Don’t buy the doomsday machine yet, 20% off after the skin is redone, seven limited off the shelves, 13888 to Sangqi

For the s27 season battle command skin, I believe players must be familiar at this stage, because the official has been fully announced not long ago.Since the battle order skin has been fully announced, some players may want to own the battle star at this stage.After all, lui Bu doomsday mecha of this war star yuan, all aspects are really comparable to the star legend.If you don’t have the skin doom mech of this command star unit yet, but you think the commander of command star wants to have it, then try not to get it at the moment.In addition, it is two days after the game will be with a large number of limited skin off the shelf, the new hero Sang Qi official service online time has been determined.So, let’s take a look at it briefly.After the end of the mecha redo online will have eighty percent discount from the Star Wars made s27 season yuan blue mecha rendering can be made, the battle to xing yuan, that is belong to redo after the end of the mecha, it also suggests that lyu3 bu4 now done is redo the end of the mecha skin, although officials have not released after redo content online to formally take time,But it would be on the opening day of the S27 season at the latest.And players either because the production of post-apocalyptic mecha is very much in line with their own taste or because the war star yuan is very full of their own ideas, anyway, in the start of the doomsday mecha this skin, is must remember to start after the skin rework line to the official service.After all, based on all the previous skins reworked and released on the official server, there will be a 20% discount on the official server.It’s a lot cheaper to buy skin when you’re ready than before you start wearing it.Seven limited skin off the shelves at the same time to calculate the time, in fact, some time ago during the Spring Festival online to the game limited skin, in these two days the official is to be removed.Skin words, so far, in the number of shelves removed at the same time, there are a total of seven styles, including the high popularity of yao shi wish.Players, if the current stage is still hesitant to start with a certain skin, then it is really necessary to pay attention to the time of hesitation, because for some of the heroes of the limited skin, a off the shelf, and then the opportunity to open the shelves, can really be called little and little.Sangqi online official service for the new hero Sangqi, I believe that many players with experience service qualifications are already the hero to study thoroughly, at this stage, waiting for the hero online official service and then take the first batch of the strongest national service.But for those who are not eligible to play the game, it is particularly important to experience the hero at this stage.So, according to the official release not long ago, it’s clear that those who want to win the title of sangqi’s first national server and want to experience the strength of this hero should be able to do so in a few days.Because sang Qi is the hero, according to the official release, he will be the background hero of s27 this season.This means that sang Qi, the new hero, will be officially released into the official server on the first day of S27.The launch date of the S27 season, according to the latest official release, is on The 14th, which is now just 10 days away.At this stage, players can consider getting the 13,888 gold needed for Sangqi.Conclusion Lv Bu of this doomsday mecha, anyway is not recommended to buy at present, because the purchase is really cheaper after the redo line.At the same time, the seven limited skin off the shelves, how to say, yao and Lu Ban no.7 that after the return of the opportunity should be a lot of, but the rest of the limited, it is not good to say.Sang Qi this hero, so far, players in the s27 new season opening is sure to see and have to.Well, that’s all for this time.Does small partner have this doomsday mecha skin of Lv Bu at present?Leave a comment below.I’m cousin. You can call me cousin

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