“Face” more beautiful “inner child” more solid Ping Mountain refresh urban “environmental quality” report card

Golden Cow Park and Niukerong Community Park were officially opened, the lawn of the central Park was newly unveiled, six 8.7-kilometer scenic roads, including Maluan North Road, Longtian Road and Baozhu Road, were completed, 88 villages in the city completed the comprehensive renovation task, and a large number of public toilets “completely changed” and took on a new look.Now roaming in Pingshan, park, street corner shady trees, flowers blooming like brocade, back streets, back lanes, farmers market environment clean and tidy;Around the campus, business streets in good order……With the establishment of the national civilized city and the promotion of urban environmental quality, pingshan city has taken on a new look, “face” more beautiful, “inside” more real, become visible and tangible happiness for citizens.Since the party history study education in plateau mountainous area will be “I does the practical work for the masses” combined with to improve the quality of urban area, in accordance with the “build the country’s most clean city, a world famous huacheng” the goals and objectives, focus on the masses “distress sorrow look forward to,” in the word “cure” see action, on the word “beauty”, to fully play the city environmental health to be completed,We accelerated the professionalization reform of urban areas, promoted the construction of a number of new parks such as the district children’s park, carried out the renovation and upgrading of public toilets, and constantly improved the level of urban refinement management and services.| | “one hundred ways of” action let the city more beautiful, reporters came to the plateau mountain, see the city roads clean, clean and tidy city beautiful.Aunt Zhang, who lives in the fortune City community, said happily, “The environment is pleasant and life is more and more comfortable, which is very different from a few years ago!”The pleasing change is the result of pingshan’s overall promotion of urban environmental quality.In 2021, Pingshan District will focus on carrying out the “100-day action” to improve urban environmental quality. The District Party Secretary and district head will serve as the leaders of the leading group for improving urban environmental quality, with high coordination, front-line command and constant supervision.In addition, the district city appearance and environment management notification and accountability mechanism, environmental sanitation index sample box management responsibility system, and the implementation of the “grass-roots whistling, department reporting” linkage mechanism, to ensure that the street responsibility and main responsibility system double compaction, inspection and rectification double effective.”The market is clean and tidy, the stalls are properly distributed, there is no smell, and it is as pleasant to visit as a supermarket.”Liao Shu lives near keng Zi Second general market. Every morning, he comes here to buy vegetables and feels the changes of the environment around him most intuitively.Xu Qingxia, the outstanding volunteer leader of Pingshan District “Wei Xiaerer”, is also an “old acquaintance” here. She leads volunteers and market merchants to carry out clean market health volunteer service activities every week, creating a clean and comfortable market environment for residents.The transformation of small vegetable market is an epitome of pingshan district’s overall promotion of urban environmental quality.The plateau mountainous area in 2021 to carry out the construction site, the farmer’s market, traffic order and social public toilets, street sanitation five special management action, at the same time to carry out the NiTou road car pollution, campus order around the city, illegal breeding and so on nine big special enforcement action, the city order further standardize and improve the masses of happiness and satisfaction.| | park and urban villages became the new scenery line Park in the center of the plateau mountainous area, a stunning lake water lily bloom, enchanting charming, walking down the beach lake a few ardeidae, carefree, the static movement, photograph accompanies, constitute the most beautiful summer landscape.Tourists posed for photos in front of a stylish, modern pink “courtyard” lined with flowers and trees.Surprisingly, this highly attractive and popular building is a public toilet.In fact, there are many such “net red public toilets” in Pingshan.In 2021, the plateau mountainous area vigorously promote “toilet revolution”, upgrading the school public toilets and malls supermarket public toilets and other public toilets 50, to promote the Taurus park, children’s park and big vicious water along the four fine public toilet construction, the new reform of public toilets are more focus on the integration of appearance with the surrounding environment and humanized design concept, from outside to inside full gear upgrades,Fully meet the needs of all types of people.”Environmental hygiene is better because citizens are more civilized.”Cleaning aunt Liu thought.It is reported that Pingshan district combines the creation of a national civilized city with the improvement of environmental quality, focuses on the overall long-term effect, carries out special actions such as public service advertising and city appearance environment, and vigorously creates a strong atmosphere in which everyone cares about the creation, everyone supports the creation and everyone participates in the creation.”Harmonious and livable is the essence of the construction of civilized city and the beautiful pursuit of the improvement of urban environmental quality.For Pingshan, it is imperative to promote the transformation and upgrading of villages in the city.Pingshan concerned person in charge said.In 2021, Pingshan District will complete 88 comprehensive governance tasks of urban villages, of which 40 villages have reached the excellent standard. The urban appearance environment, municipal facilities and residents’ safety guarantee have reached a new level. The quality of public space has been greatly improved, and urban villages have truly changed from “dirty, messy and poor” to “urban scenery”.Carry out the pilot reform of the professionalization of urban villages, improve the management services of urban villages by relying on the “city manager”, carry out comprehensive supervision of garbage classification, sanitation and cleaning, green street lamps and other businesses, and incorporate them into the people’s livelihood appeal system, “One Network Tongdo”……A series of targeted “combination measures” focused on long-term mechanism construction, promoted the resolution of “old and difficult” problems, made the “face” of urban villages look brand-new, and Huimin’s “inside” won many praises.| | beautiful ping mountain construction quality gradually improved Plateau mountainous central park mall brand new appearance, become a citizen people walk her leisure “clock in”;Taurus Park, Niukerong community Park opened smoothly, become the neighborhood home of the surrounding residents entertainment and fitness…In addition to these public favorite “home” boutique parks, Pingshan district also built ma Luan North Road, Longtian Road, Baozhu road, a total of 6 8.7 km flower scenery road, pingshan has become another beautiful scenery line.Like this “beautiful ping mountain” high-quality goods project emerge in endlessly, 2021 ping mountain thrusting beetle, an ancient village out of overflow blocks, innovation plaza flowers of mine block 2 level overflow blocks and longshan park jogging, dashan vicious reservoirs around the demonstration section 2 the greenway construction, complete the “plateau mountain global natural history” phase ii project of 5 natural study trail construction…”Park City” construction press the “fast forward button”.”We will adhere to the concept of ‘planning leads, standards first’, with the best quality, the most beautiful effect, the best experience, to create a fully functional, more attractive quality city.”Pingshan concerned person in charge said.In 2021, Pingshan District will start the compilation of “Pingshan District Park Urban Construction Planning (2021-2035)” and the establishment of “workshop” for environmental quality improvement, making a “key decision” for the long-term development of the urban area.In addition, Pingshan District is also actively exploring the reform of optimal utilization mode of space under the bridge, optimizing the space under the bridge, expanding the quality of urban space, and better meeting the new needs of the people for a better life.Every day, pingshan “quality improvement” report card is constantly refreshing.”Innovative Pingshan, the city of the future” is moving forward to create a city with complete functions and more attractive quality.Editor Yao Jingxia review Maimiuyin statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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