The three departments in Hebei jointly deployed to carry out the special governance work of bottomless marketing of food for minors

Hebei news network news (Zhang Xinyuan, guang-ming wang) to protect minors’ physical and mental health, comprehensive governance and around campus, such as network platform for minors no bottom line marketing scatological food phenomenon, recently, the market supervision, public security bureau, department of education in hebei province joint deployed to carry out the marketing for minors without bottom line of food special projects work.The special work pointed out that to enhance the political position, a deep understanding of the importance of special governance work.To carry out the special governance work of bottomless marketing of food to minors is an important measure to protect the physical and mental health of minors, and to control the phenomenon of bottomless marketing of pornographic and vulgar food to minors on campus and the surrounding and online platforms.All levels and departments should attach great importance to the governance work, put special people in charge of it, and carefully deploy and carry out special law enforcement actions so as to achieve effective results.The special work emphasizes that we should stick to heavy blows and crack down on illegal and criminal acts.Market supervision, education and public security departments at all levels should actively cooperate, fully cooperate and form joint forces to severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts that endanger the physical and mental health of minors, such as the production and marketing of toxic and harmful food and the dissemination of pornographic materials.All levels and departments should intensify supervision over typical cases and major trans-regional cases, and jointly supervise them when necessary.Effective deterrence will be formed by investigating and handling a number of illegal cases, exposing a number of typical cases and severely punishing a number of offenders.Special job requirement, want to strengthen propaganda education, ensure management job obtains actual effect.Across all departments should strengthen education guidance, continue to increase students’ knowledge of food safety and nutrition and health propaganda education, enhance minors identification, consciously resist the ability of marketing “bottom line” of food, form a good situation of social work, completely eliminate propaganda soft porn in the name of the food and vulgar information against edge of disgraceful consideration behavior.At the same time, increase publicity efforts, timely joint announcement of governance action results, exposure of typical cases.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.

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