Two major factions in education

There are two main schools of education: German and British.German education focuses on equal access to education for everyone.The disadvantages of this kind of education are that it requires huge educational expenditure and does not focus on individualized teaching.The advantage of this kind of education is that it can improve the quality of the whole people, which is the favorite of developing countries. For example, through education for everyone in the newly established China, the quality of the people is generally improved, and it can provide talents for various positions continuously, which greatly promotes the national development.British education focuses on teaching students according to their aptitude and is committed to cultivating talents in various industries.This way of education is like by developed countries, because of the developed countries in the industry in a certain extent, have reached the top, not to learn from other countries as developing countries, developed countries have been learning objects in other countries, this time they will pay attention to innovation, only innovation can create more opportunities to the country.This is also the reason why our country is now engaged in quality education. After the overall level of development is improved, we need to cultivate “genius” to make more breakthroughs!

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