Wuhai Events: Three Kingdoms, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties

Jin Hui Emperor Yongning first year (AD 301) this wuda area for liangzhou Zhang Track jurisdiction.In the second year of Da (Tai) Xing, emperor Yuan of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 319), Shi Le, a member of the Jie people, proclaimed himself King of Zhao (Later Zhao). He set up Shuozhou Shuofang County and had five counties including Linrong, Sanfeng, Shuofang and Woye.Eastern Jin Dynasty Yuan Emperor Da (tai) xing three years (AD 320) this wuda area for the former Liang Zhangmao jurisdiction.In the second year of jianyuan (A.D. 366), the later Zhao was replaced by the former Qin and The former Yan, and to the west of the river was the former Qin, ruled by the di clan Fu Jian.Today’s Haibo bay area is a former Qin Shuofang County Woye County, under the jurisdiction of the state.Eastern Jin Dynasty Xiao Wu Di Tai Yuan eleven years (386 AD) this area for the later Cool Luxian area.The first year of Yixi, Emperor An of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 405) Today’s Wuda area is xiliang Li Wu jurisdiction.In the eighth year of Yixi in The Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 412), Wuda Area was a Northern Liang Yun Yun Drainage area.In the first year of Kaihuang emperor of Sui Dynasty (AD 581), Wuda area was under the jurisdiction of Ganzhou, and yongping (renamed Zhangye in Sui Dynasty, now Zhangye in Gansu Province) was under the jurisdiction of Wuda area.Sui Emperor Renshou two years (AD 602) this wuda area under the jurisdiction of Suzhou, governing in Fulu (now Jiuquan, Gansu).In the first year of Zhenguan of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty (627 AD) in February, the Tang dynasty divided the country into ten prefectures, sui, Yin, Feng, Sheng and other prefectures belonging to the Guannei Road.Lingzhou guannei dao for the Sui Dynasty Lingwu county jurisdiction, including today’s western Etok banner, western Etok front banner, Haibo Bay area.After the Anshi rebellion in the first year of Emperor Guangde in the Tang Dynasty (763 AD), the politics of the Tang dynasty went from prosperity to decline, forming a vassal state.Now Wuda area scribe in Tubo.Source: Wuhai Chronicle, August 1996.Huang Xiang (Yinshan Insect) collated in February 2022

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