Eat cheat hotel, rent cheat property, wash clothes cheat laundry……Go where cheat to where of “bai Fu mei

Eat cheat restaurant, rent cheat property, wash clothes cheat laundry……Cheater, not rare, but this cheater’s “high section” lies in, go where, can cheat.1 the pharmacist for epidemic prevention masks are cheat on May 11, 2020 in the morning, yiyang county, jiangxi province GuangFeng area a drugstore boss li Lin to the police station, said three months ago, he asked a woman named LiuTing ordered a number of surgical masks, total price 500000 yuan, agreed on March 2, delivery, long overdue, li Lin suspected that he was lied to each other.Around the Spring Festival in 2020, Li Lin pharmacy sold out of medical masks.When looking for a purchase channel, his friend Zhou Qin recommended to Li a woman named “Yiting” on wechat.He befriended Yiting on wechat after delivering food to her in a well-renovated apartment building in the city centre.Yiting advertised on its wechat moments that it had a large supply of medical masks.When Li asked Yiting about the source and origin of the masks, Yiting said her father was the boss of a medical supplies company in Jiangxi Province, and retrieved a photo of her father and daughter from her phone, naming her father.Li Lin searched on the network and found that the chairman of the board of directors of the medical supplies company was indeed called this name.Li Lin immediately placed the order.Ting according to the requirements of 50,000 starting, unit price 2.4 yuan, the first payment, after delivery.As masks were in short supply at the time, Li agreed and transferred 120,000 yuan to yiting’s designated account.When signing purchase and sale agreement, Li Lin checked “according to ting” ID card, found “according to ting” real name Liuting.Ten days later, Liu sent 50,000 masks to pharmacies.Masks were quickly snapped up.In mid-February, Li called Liu and offered to buy more masks.Liuting said that if the order quantity is large, she can give a discount to the price again, and the lowest discount price is 1 yuan for the order quantity of 500,000.Li Lin could not help but moved, but said he could not raise so much money.Ms. Liu said the last order can be offset by the total, and a further order of 380,000 can also be discounted.Li immediately borrowed funds and transferred 380,000 yuan to Liu Ting the next day with the agreed delivery date of March 2.Meanwhile, Liu Ting went to the drugstore to say hello, because the relevant departments to collect medical supplies against the epidemic, the supply has been delayed, the latest March 31 home delivery.Since then, Li Lin urges goods for many times, Liu Ting delays with all sorts of reasons.Until early May, Liu Ting completely lost contact.2 property manager came across “bai Fumei” police contact nanchang city medical supplies company, the other reply, the chairman of the board has only one son, still studying abroad.The police promptly registered a case.Police looking for its residential apartment building property to understand the situation, manager Xu Jun but even call when.Xu Jun reported that in early February 2020, Liu Ting found the property, saying that she had bought a vacant secondary apartment building, has not gone through the transfer procedures, do not do the property registration.Liu said she would donate 280 masks, two boxes of disinfectant and one box of alcohol to the community.Half an hour after leaving, Liu Ting drove a Mercedes car to deliver donated goods, Xu Jun repeatedly thanked, the two talked for nearly 20 minutes.After Liu Ting left, several security guards on duty said to Xu Jun: “Manager Xu, you talked with this’ baifumei ‘very hi ah.”On the morning of March 7, Xu Jun was patrolling at the gate of the community to check the temperature and the registration of visitors. Liu Ting drove into the gate of the community, she got out of the car to take the temperature and let out a sigh.Xu Jun asked with concern, what happened, do you need help?Liu said she promised to donate 150,000 yuan worth of masks to the Wuhan Red Cross and ordered them online from a wechat businessman, but he delayed delivery. She asked him several times, but he blocked her.If she did not fulfill her promise, she would be accused of “cheating on donations”.The only remedy was to repurchase donations, but she had no funds at hand.Liu Ting asked Xu Jun, can temporarily borrow her 150 thousand yuan?Interest is paid at a rate of five ten-thousandths per day for two or three months.Xu Jun transferred 150,000 yuan to Liu Ting’s bank card on the same day.Liu ting issued an IOU and noted that the interest was calculated according to the actual number of days used.Liu Ting every morning and evening to Xu Jun micro message hello, two people talk very speculative.On March 11, Liu Ting told Xu Jun that she had a friend zhou Yi, who opened a bidding company, was arrested by the public security bureau for gambling baccarat, and asked Xu Jun if he could help him borrow 150,000 yuan to the public security bureau to deal with the matter.Xu paid Liu another 150,000 yuan via wechat transfer and cash.Soon, Liu Ting went to Xu Jun’s office, took out a few boxes of sea cucumber, donkey gelatin and other tonic, said: “This is a little goodwill of Boss Zhou.”And will return 150 thousand yuan loan Xu Jun, also paid the promised interest.Xu Jun engaged in property management work for a long time, know a lot of contractors, heard zhou Yi has a lot of big projects, they begged Liuting to help introduce, introduce the point of the project to do.Liuting smiled and said: “Zhou boss busy, want to do a project directly to me on the line.”Since then, Liu Ting in the name of Zhou Yi to pay the project bid deposit, several times to Xu Jun loans, a total of 896,000 yuan.Liuting also conveyed zhou boss “exact words”, “financing to interest, such as the project approach, and then subcontract some small projects to Xu Jun do.”As of early May 2020, Liu Ting has paid xu more than 110,000 yuan in total.Xu Jun does not know, “Zhou Yi” is the pseudonym made up by Liu Ting, zhou boss’s story is of course her fiction.After being informed public security organ to be suspected of fraud to Liuting put on record to investigate, Xu Jun just is informed him to be deceived.On June 1, 2020, the public security organs arrested Liu Ting.Liu Ting, who was born in 1996, was unemployed and her father worked as a farmer.Liuting crime more than, is “cheat the old hands on the road”.On May 8, 2020, Liu Ting, in the name of Zhou Yi, had a chat with Lu Kai, the shop owner, through her wechat account “Zhou Zhou Ya”, and sent lu Kai a screenshot of a BANK transfer in PS, claiming that she had transferred 14,500 yuan to Lu Kai to recharge the membership card. She then said that the financial staff had accidentally transferred 4,500 yuan more and asked for 4,500 yuan back, which Lu Kai believed to be true.Transfer 4500 yuan to them.The next day, Liu said she did not want to recharge again and asked her to refund another 5,000 yuan. The remaining 5,000 yuan was used to recharge to buy clothes. Lu transferred another 5,000 yuan, totaling 9,500 yuan.Liu Ting often went to Chen Ping’s restaurant in Guangfeng district to eat, claiming to be a bank credit department staff.On the evening of May 12, 2020, While having dinner, Liu Ting claimed that she had connections and was able to get the internal price of Gree air conditioners. The cylindrical vertical air conditioners only cost 3,500 yuan, and they would be delivered if there were seven.Chen Ping wants to buy two, deduct 660 yuan from Liu Ting’s meal fee, and transfer 6340 yuan to Liu Ting.On May 24, Liu Ting claimed that the wechat transfer function had been frozen. She was in urgent need of money and asked Chen Ping to transfer the money to wechat. She also asked Chen Ping to provide her bank card number and settle the bill together with 2,000 yuan of meal money.In order to let Chen Ping rest assured, Liu Ting from a PS out of the transfer picture to Chen Ping, Chen Ping was cheated of a total of 15,900 yuan.On May 3, 2020, Liu Ting sent clothes to the dry cleaning shop in Guangfeng district, and the owner Wu Qian learned that they wanted to open a branch, but lack of funds.Liuting immediately claimed that she went to work in China Merchants bank, can help deal with the payment for goods, and pretend to ask for relevant information.The next day, Liuting told you can handle a loan of 200,000 yuan, but to show that Wu Qian immediately transfer 5,000 yuan to her.On May 10, Liu Ting said that she had given the president 8,000 yuan and asked Wu Qian to pay 3,000 yuan in advance in the name of repairing the car, but Wu Qian was only willing to transfer 1,000 yuan.Later, Wu qian urged the loan progress, Liu Ting posted a photoshopped out of the bank transfer 275,000 yuan picture.From September 2017 to October 2019, Liu also posed as a bank employee, pretending to know prison officials, helping with loans, and co-operating an English training class and a kindergarten class, defrauding people of nearly 800,000 yuan in cash.In January 2021, the Guangfeng District Procuratorate of Shangrao city prosecuted Liu Ting on suspicion of fraud, accusing her of defrauding others of 2,099,700 yuan of property.On March 21, 2021, the Guangfeng District Court of first instance sentenced Liu Ting to 12 years in prison for fraud and fined her 100,000 yuan, and ordered her to refund the economic losses of the victims.(All involved in the article are pseudonyms) source: Fangyuan Magazine

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