Haiken Hot works Group 3 brand stores Haikou trial industry: old brand new image

Hot products such as tea and coffee are displayed in the store.The coffee is strong and the tea smells fresh…Recently, hainan Agricultural Reclamation Hot Production Industry Group Co., LTD. 3 brand franchise stores in Haikou trial business welcome guests, including 2 mushan cafe and 1 white horse red franchise store.2 Jiamushan Coffee Shop adopts a new brand identity and design language, incorporating design elements such as Limushan, where Mushan coffee is grown, and Hainan Black coronet gibbon, expressing green, healthy and ecological concepts.The franchise store will serve as the cultural service display window of Haiken Hot Works Group, one-stop display and sale of tea, coffee and other hot products, and fully display the coffee culture and tea culture of our province.It is understood that Haiken hot Production Group plans to set up 25 stores in the province this year, so that consumers can have more access to Haiken products, understand haiken brand, like Haiken culture, and promote the development of Hainan coffee industry.(By Deng Yutu of Hainan Daily/Yuan Chen of Hainan Daily)

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