Inner Mongolia organized an online memorial service for heroes for students of all levels

The Tomb-sweeping Day is approaching, the Education Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has organized schools in the region to carry out online memorial activities to honor the martyrs, promote the spirit of the martyrs, and inherit the red gene.Each team will form, primary and secondary schools to class organized by accessing the net of the primary and secondary students to sacrifice, for the people for the country’s revolutionary heroes online martyrs, flowers, such as speech message, pay great feats of martyrs, genuine feeling to express best wishes to the motherland, strengthen the love party, patriotism, socialism emotions, let heroes spirit into the blood, youth inspirational.Universities want to intercourse, story to share, review history of the party, organization by accessing the net of the college students, learning characters of the meritorious deeds, education guide the broad masses of young students do the pioneer of carry forward the patriotic consciousness, make the revolutionary tradition and good style new generation, internalize the spirit of the martyrs, externalized in line, sets up the broad ideal,Determined to contribute to national rejuvenation.Around the schools according to the local epidemic prevention and control, organization and medium student in important campaigns and battles the martyr memorial buildings, revolutionary war memorial facilities such as patriotism education base, carry out “the revolutionary martyrs, to inherit the revolutionary tradition” commemorative activities, through to revolutionary martyrs’ cemetery, flower basket, remember the revolutionary martyrs glorious deeds,We should guide young people to carry on the legacy of martyrs, cherish a happy life, and aspire to serve the motherland. We should enhance their love of the Party and patriotism, strengthen their sense of community with the Chinese nation, and enhance their recognition of the great motherland, the Chinese nation, Chinese culture, the Communist Party of China, and socialism with Chinese characteristics.Source | education in Inner Mongolia

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