No.1 Observation Collection (2021) : Hunan SATELLITE TV

Platform research · The “solitary courage” of Hunan Radio and Television and the “wild vision” of Mango Monsoon · The “chief content Officer” of Hunan TV, how to create the value of youth culture together?· How to burn youth?, when “dominant culture” has become the 21st century new youth culture, become happy friends rather than the other, the upgrading of hunan satellite TV, human-based company leading value upgrade: hunan TV’s “best friend”, “Chinese youth” to book the heddle skill, a speech “the open years, began to hunan satellite TV, the way of” new mainstream media “to break the circle” up! Juvenile “:· Li Huanying’s regret may be remedied in this program. · In the trial of idol fresh chef, did you pick?· “I dedicate my Youth to You” is the most passionate struggle declaration of “the generation who look at the world” · Pay attention to “nobody”, why “Who is the Treasure Singer” can still be a circle?· To the 13th anniversary of Day Day Up: Be a long-term person and do long-term things · Seeing these familiar faces again, I got the answer about “good” · Time Concert:Imagine · After 13 years, this variety show “living fossil” has moved from long-termism to long-termism. This time, the three of them are too cute to be true.· Live a Good Life with a full sense of atmosphere, worth watching!· Refuse double speed!Burning bright Qi Fei’s “Light” will make the period drama youth feeling party · in the important moment, this bright color has never been absent · How to use the “high school Musical” way to open the history of the Party e-commerce · “e-commerce she party” suddenly came out of the sky, the female story upgrading · only with three moves!Documentary film “Yuelu Academy”, do not know hunan culture, do not know the Chinese context platform research · Literary circle, need a “new herd effect” weibo

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