Today, tears don’t martyrs!

The sad music returns, the elegy overhangs, the willows cry, the grass is sad.February 3, O ‘Paul, Wejid martyrs farewell ceremony held in Guangxi Hechi city funeral home.Ou Paul, The families of the martyrs of Wejid, his comrade-in-arms and friends, as well as the representatives of the people from all walks of life to send the hero the last journey with great sadness.The sky is sad and silent.Ou Paul, Wejid martyrs repose in flowers and pine and cypress, hanging in front of the martyrs dressed in the fire rescue team uniform portrait, both sides of the “martyrs in eternal life, heroic spirit” the elegiac couplets with infinite admiration and mourning for the martyrs.Four firemen in full dress stood around the body, guarding the martyr’s spirit.Both sides of the hall filled with wreaths, writing the deep condolences of leaders at all levels, martyrs, relatives and friends, fire comrades and the people.Emergency management company secretary of the party committee, minister, emergency management Joan is lubricious, secretary of the party committee member, fire rescue fire fighting and rescue bureau party committee secretary and political commissar ZhanShouWang, LanTianLi, chairman of the autonomous region, autonomous region party committee standing committee, executive vice President Cai Lixin, autonomous region party committee standing committee member and autonomous region vice-president Mr Hui wing Ke and leadership in the name of the individual to whom the martyr laid a wreath.At 10 am, emergency management department fire rescue bureau party committee member, deputy political commissar, wang wei, vice chairman of the autonomous region government, vice chairman of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference, of the bureau of public security Zhou Chengfang, fire rescue group of zheng west, political commissar Huang Shaoming, emergency manage hall, chief engineer Huang Aixing, hechi, vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor wang jun, the standing committee of the municipal party committee, secretary of the committee Kong Jianzhong,Deputy mayor, city public security Bureau director Li Wenbo and other leaders and people from all walks of life slowly into, bow, flowers, pay respects to the martyrs.At the ceremony, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region respectively approved Ou Baoer and Wei Jide as martyrs, the fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management memorialized the two comrades with first-class merit, and the Communist Youth League Guangxi District Committee posthumously awarded the two comrades “Guangxi Youth May Fourth Medal” and other documents.This paper introduces the life stories of the martyrs Opaul and Wejid, and reviews their life of unremitting struggle for emergency management and fire rescue and dedication to the interests of the Party and the people.”They may have been born ordinary, but the glory of dying for their country and people is weightier than Mount Tai!”City fire rescue detachment leadership in the memorial said, deep memory of Oupaul, Wejid martyrs, is to promote their loyalty to the Party, brave bear the mission of political quality;Learn from their heroic spirit of charging ahead and sacrificing their lives;Practicing the purpose and adhering to the original aspiration for the people;The dedication spirit of taking root at grassroots level and making achievements.They are worthy of the upbringing of their parents, the education of the organization, and the entrust of the Party and the people.Their heroic deeds moved heaven and earth, demonstrating lofty professionalism and selfless dedication.The wind rustle xi cold water, a strong man to xi no longer return.After the farewell ceremony, the hearse escorting the ashes of Opaul and Wejid slowly drove out of the funeral home and headed for the hometown of the martyrs.Hearse through each intersection, people from all walks of life stood in silence on both sides of the road, for the martyrs, watching the convoy slowly left, many citizens can not suppress sadness, crying, tears.History will never forget, people will never forget.2022 New Year’s Eve, the day of reunion, this day bears too much moving, this day bears too much pain, only 26 years old deputy stationmaster O ‘Paul and 23 years old fighter Weigid sacrificed their young and bright life.Huanjiang, Duan both lift city with sadness, home people are waiting for them to go home.Rest in peace!Heroic comrades, you will live in our hearts forever!

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