Weather clearing east Lake and Wuguang business circle flow, Wuhan traffic police issued intersection travel tips

The warm winter sun reappeared on April 4, ignites the enthusiasm of citizens to travel, and the tourist travel peak appeared in the East Lake Scenic area.During the festival, the traffic management department continued to ensure safety, ensure unimpeded not relax, 12 drunk drivers were seized, the city’s road traffic as a whole abnormal safe and unimpeded.Traffic management department according to the weather conditions and travel characteristics, issue interfestival travel tips.According to the weather forecast, combined with the actual analysis of the road, wuhan traffic management department predicted that on February 5 (the fifth day of the first lunar month), the East Lake Scenic area will usher in travel traffic peak mainly for pleasure.Traffic police clew, grinding mountain area of mountain scenic area in the daily 9:00-18:00 grinding, botanical garden road lu will take the one-way clockwise, specific traffic direction is: lu lu bridge village road, east lake channel grinding road east lake tunnel management, ground floor, grinding, botanical garden road intersection, wuhan botanical garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences, botanical garden road bridge village road.East lake scenic area parking supply and demand contradiction, including grinding mountain area is about 4000, parking garages are expected to appear at around 11 am car nervous parking problem, liyuan area about 2000 parking Spaces, estimated at around 11 parking space nervous, including liyuan underground parking lot around 10 when parking space nervous, around the parking lot is limited, we travel driving less as far as possible,Or park outside the scenic area.There are a variety of shared bikes around the greenway for everyone to choose, and there are boats in the East Lake Tuntao Scenic area that can reach The Moshan Meiyuan Wharf.Traffic police remind, tourism peak into the green road as far as possible to avoid the pear garden scenic area and mill mountain scenic area two areas, can be from the parking space of the green road two baima Zhou station, Green Wang Road Binhu Station, Flower and wood city station and Luoxia Return yan station into the green road.In addition, wuguang business circle recently, more traffic, traffic police remind: daily 13:00 to 18:00, liberation avenue west east traffic flow is larger, into the West Road Wu Exhibition vehicle queuing stranded, Jinghan Avenue to Wushang Road vehicle queuing stranded.Traffic police remind, near guangzhou, business circle and the following parking: double hole main street 30, parking lot, wu shows east road has a ground, underground parking, hang lung hankou-beijing avenue in the parking lot, liberation boulevard Wu Shenglu mouth are parking in the new world, also just 5 minutes walk from the proposal citizen wuguang business circle in the parking lot under the condition of saturated choice around the parking lot.At present, Wuhan traffic police has increased the police force according to the plan, and will take measures such as adding posts and increasing isolation facilities when the traffic flow increases. Please also choose green travel by public transport as far as possible, and obey the command of the traffic police on the road if the vehicle is stranded.The traffic control department will increase patrol force this night and collect fog-related road information every half an hour. It is also forecast that there will be rain and snow the day after tomorrow.The traffic management department said that if there is a high-speed closure, it will immediately release relevant information through the wuhan Traffic police official platform, road traffic broadcast, major media and navigation software, please pay close attention to the driver friends.During the festival, Wuhan traffic police did not relax on the social investigation and control, severely investigated and punished drunk driving, fatigue driving, overcrowding, overload and other serious traffic violations, during the festival has been found 12 drunk drivers.In addition, according to the road conditions in rural areas, road traffic persuaders and other forces have been dispatched to publicize road traffic safety laws and regulations in holiday parties, remind drivers to wear helmets when riding motorcycles, and remind the elderly and other groups to pay attention to their own precautions when crossing villages and towns, which has played a very good effect.1. Pay attention to the weather and road condition information in real time.Travel should check the weather in advance, if there is fog warning, generally in the fog weather within the impact of the highway will implement traffic control, according to the provisions, when the fog visibility is less than 50 meters, the highway should decisively take the necessary traffic control measures, the implementation of the whole line or local closure.2. Use lights correctly.When driving in foggy days, fog lights, profile lights or close lights should be turned on in time. If driving on the highway or in the case of thick fog, hazard alarm flash lights should also be turned on.Remember not to use high beam, because the high beam is to the top, the light is diffuse fog reflection, will be in front of the car to form a vast expanse of white, but what can not see when driving.In addition, intermittent use of wipers, the windshield glass due to fog condensation of small droplets scraped clean, to improve the line of sight.3. Pay attention to the speed and spacing.When visibility is less than 200 meters, turn on fog lights, close lights, profile lights and front and rear position lights, the speed shall not exceed 60 kilometers per hour, and keep a distance of more than 100 meters with the vehicle in front of the same lane;When visibility is less than 100 meters, turn on fog lights, close lights, profile lights, front and rear position lights and hazard alarm flash lights, the speed shall not exceed 40 kilometers per hour, and keep a distance of more than 50 meters with the vehicle in front of the same lane;When visibility is less than 50 meters, turn on fog lights, close lights, profile lights, front and rear position lights and danger alarm flash lights, the speed should not exceed 20 kilometers per hour, and from the nearest exit as soon as possible off the highway.4. Don’t blindly overtake.If you see a car parked on the right in front of you, do not blindly overtake, as it may be waiting for the opposite car to pass.When overtaking vehicles parked on the side of the road, after confirming that there is no starting intention and no car on the opposite side, timely honk the horn and bypass at low speed from the left side.In addition, driving in foggy days can not press the line, in the curve and out of road driving, should slow down in advance, to avoid midway speed change, parking or flameout.5. Don’t slam on the brakes.Foggy days can not distinguish car distance, if the emergency brake, will make the car behind can not judge the distance, resulting in a rear-end collision.If you need to slow down, you should slowly relax the accelerator and gently step on the brake continuously to prevent collision, rubbing and rear-end accidents.6. Enable the defogging function of the vehicle.Once there is fog in the autumn and winter season, the car is also prone to fog, so it is necessary to open the rear window defogging, rearview mirror defogging function, and the air outlet towards the front windshield, to avoid fog affecting the driving line of sight.7. When visibility is too low, please stop and wait for fog to disperse.Encounter fog weather, the driver must wait patiently, can not rush into the fog area in order to race for time.Because the beginning of the fog, the fog along the highway often thick when light, resulting in speed is difficult to control, more prone to traffic accidents, so more can not be taken lightly.Be sure to remember the “nine words”.In extreme cases, such as very low visibility, the front of the vehicle has been stopped, or even traffic jam or accidents have occurred in front of the vehicle, at this time should “pull over, people evacuated, that is, the alarm”.Don’t stay!Don’t watch!Evacuate now!Stop the car on the highway emergency stop belt as soon as possible, and turn on fog lights, width lights and double flashing lights at the same time, the vehicle personnel quickly transferred to the right side of the guardrail, and then quickly dial the highway alarm phone.(Changjiang Daily Reporter Wei Na Correspondent Zhang Jianyong)

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