Zhang Yingying sun Wang Xiaofei Angle of view of the United States, sexy body on the proud people, a recent profile like a dummy

Late last night, Zhang Yingying posted a group of beautiful photos of paragliding in Sanya, Hainan province on her social networking website. Many netizens gathered to see the photos and questioned whether Zhang yingying was insulting herself.Yesterday he said he was not in Sanya, but today he posted pictures of himself playing in Sanya. Is this a tacit admission of his love with Wang Xiaofei?Recently, many netizens reported that they ran into Wang Xiaofei, Zhang LAN and Zhang Yingying in Sanya, and said that the two were very close, and they looked like a couple.Although Zhang yingying began to say that she was not in Sanya, but in Shandong province.However, Zhang soon deleted the comment and randomly released photos of herself in Sanya, in a mysterious operation that is hard to understand.Today, some netizens broke the news that they saw Wang Xiaofei, Zhang LAN and Zhang Yingying having dinner together, and praised Zhang LAN and Zhang Yingying are more beautiful than the photos.At the same time, also said that Wang Xiaofei himself is particularly good at talking, compared with the past to see the calm and quiet wang Xiaofei, is simply a different person.Do not know whether it is good to come out to play with family?Then zhang Yingying posted these beautiful photos, must be Wang Xiaofei’s perspective, right?Now two people come out to play already is not to avoid suspicion, presumably is not to respond not to deny but also not open attitude.However, seeing zhang Yingying’s photos, we know that Zhang Yingying is quite happy, there is a sense of joy sitting firmly in the palace.Have to say zhang Yingying’s figure is superior absolutely, concave and convex have send to still present S curve, surround very proud person, waist line also makes a person envy, it is ying Ying one grasp small pretty waist simply, such proportion figure can be called golden proportion.However, many netizens also noticed that a recent profile photo of Zhang yingying has a very strange face, including strange eyes and nose, which looks like a dummy. Many netizens joked that Zhang yingying’s real appearance has finally been revealed, and she is as popular as ever on the Internet.Many fans said that although Zhang yingying is younger than Hsu, she doesn’t look as natural as Hsu, and hSU has two children. I don’t know what Wang thinks.Wang Xiaofei once said in an interview that the reason for their divorce was largely due to the epidemic. I wonder if it implies that the relationship between the two has weakened because they have met less.This reminds me of Jackie Chan and Xu Zhi ‘an’s apology: They just made the same mistakes that men all over the world make.Of course, I hope wang xiaofei is not like this!Zhang Yingying sun Wang Xiaofei Angle of view of the United States, sexy body on the proud people, a recent profile like a dummy.Now Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying’s relationship is also a mystery, Wang Xiaofei does not deny his relationship with Zhang Yingying, but also does not clarify, such ambiguous relationship can only keep netizens guessing.

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