A man to bury the cat lost in the mountains police and civilians found overnight

Recently, Guizhou Songtao Public Security Bureau Zhaiying police station with local people through the night to find a man trapped in the mountains, praised by the local people.March 28 at 17:20 xu, Songtao Public Security Bureau Ziying police station received the area of the people’s alarm for help, said that their son Zhang xx from the morning out to now has not come back, can not be contacted, asked the police station to help find.After receiving help, the police immediately rushed to the scene to understand the relevant situation.After understanding: Zhang so-and-so found their own cat died in the morning, feel very uncomfortable, determined to bury the cat well, so with a bag to carry the cat into the mountain, mobile phone did not take.According to the clues provided by the family, the police looked up the surrounding intersection surveillance video one by one, and finally found the general direction of Zhang Xx into the mountain, so immediately launched the surrounding people together along the direction of the search.As it was getting dark, the search area was wooded and rugged. After entering the mountain, there was no way to go, but to struggle through the woods covered with thorns.Police while constantly remind the people involved in the search to pay attention to their own safety, while relying on the hands of the torch difficult exploration forward.As a result of continuous low temperature rainfall, some areas of rubble and soil down the terrain, dangerous situation, intensified the difficulty of rescue.After more than 10 hours of overnight search, finally in the next day (March 29) at 9:40 in the morning, in the village of The town of Shuigou Village Shao Jiashan on a hillside found Zhang so-and-so.The police immediately on the security situation of Zhang xx preliminary inspection and inquiry, at the same time contact the town health center immediately to shaojiashan intersection waiting.Through the doctor’s examination, Zhang so-and-so body no big obstacle.Zhang xx will be escorted home, the police learned through the inquiry, Zhang xx buried the cat on the hillside the day after tomorrow has been dark, and there is no lighting tools, can not find the way home zhang XX simply slept in the mountains for a night.After dawn, is exploring to find the way home Zhang so-and-so met to search for his police.See Zhang xx safe and sound back home, the family reunion, the police is very gratified, the masses around applaud, have praised the police wholeheartedly for the people.More headlines Read: Danger!Anshun pingba District has announced that two confirmed cases in Sansui County have tested negative for nucleic acid tests. Chen Changxu has been appointed as the party secretary of Qianxinan Prefecture

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