Arrested suspects 4 Xingqing criminal investigation uncovered a theft case

Since the launch of the special action of “Improving the style of work and enhancing the quality and efficiency”, the criminal investigation and plainclothes brigade adhere to the principle of “learning in the forefront, walking in the forefront and working in the forefront”, and deeply practice the work style of “rigor, meticulousness, diligence, frugality and honesty + fast”, and promote the development of criminal investigation work in depth.Recently, criminal investigation brigade silver ancient squadron and plainclothes brigade jointly cracked a theft case, captured four criminal suspects.At about 2 am on January 29, 2022, a shop owner in Jinmao Lane, Xingqing District reported to the police that more than 30 sticks of cigarettes and 10,000 yuan in cash were stolen from his shop.There’s a pry on the door. What happened to the cigarettes and the cash?The boss called the police immediately.After receiving the alarm, the criminal investigation brigade Silver ancient squadron immediately organized investigators to investigate this case, and the joint plainclothes brigade investigators quickly went to the scene, view peripheral monitoring, visit the investigation, patrol tracking.Through the analysis of the case, it was found that four men are suspected of committing major crimes.After locking the target, the investigator quickly divided into two ways, on the one hand, for the recent occurrence of similar cases in the area of clues to comb;On the other hand, with the place of the crime as the center, continue to expand the scope of the visit, investigation, and do not let go of any possible clues.At 13 o ‘clock on the same day, through the unremitting efforts of investigators, on the basis of comprehensive analysis of a large number of clues, the suspect was accurately filtered out of the escape route, the scope of activities, and then master its identity information, hiding place.Decisive attack, in jinfeng district a shopping mall near the successful lock suspects Kang, Wang hiding place, in the cold wind squatted for 7 hours after its capture.The investigators went on with their work according to the clues they got.On February 11, investigators drove through the night, will abscond to Zhongning county of the remaining two suspects Zhou Mou, Zhang xx captured.At present, the suspect has been detained, the case is being further handled.Source: Ping an Xingqing

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