Commando is worth the level

At changsha South Railway Station in Hunan Province, passengers always pass through such a checkpoint — a group of militiamen in green military coats are on duty at every entrance, keeping an eye on each passenger’s physical condition.”The number of people decreased after the holiday, but more than 100,000 passengers still arrive at the station every day. We can’t relax any time.”Xiang Yong, head of the Yuhua District People’s Armed Forces Department, told reporters that the team has been standing firm here for more than 740 days since the COVID-19 outbreak began.As a regional railway passenger transport center in central and southern China, the epidemic prevention pressure in Changsha South Railway Station has increased sharply since the outbreak.Yuhua District of Changsha organized the militia team to assemble quickly, fulfilling the militia’s duty and mission requirements of “peacetime service, wartime response, emergency”, and quickly sent a commando team composed of 31 militiamen to Changsha South Railway Station.They are ordinary workers from all walks of life, drivers, community workers, property company employees…In order to protect the epidemic prevention, they rushed to this crowded transportation hub together, responsible for guiding passengers at the entrance, temperature measurement and other work.Commando Zhao Wenhua received the call to sign up after the information, volunteered, the same day from Yongzhou arrived in Changsha.”As a party member and a key militia, it is our responsibility to guard our posts.”In only one day, an epidemic prevention team was assembled in Changsha.The entrance of the station is the first checkpoint for epidemic prevention and control. Neither the cold wind penetrating the door curtain in winter nor the scorching sun piercing the glass in summer can stop their perseverance.During the Spring Festival travel rush, extra trains are often run during the peak passenger flow. At this time, the raid team will be on duty 24 hours a day. Each member will stay at his post for 8 hours at a time to check tens of thousands of health codes and temperature measurement results.The commandos are not only the epidemic prevention and control staff of the station, but also the “station staff” to deal with emergency situations.Once a lie in the critically ill patient requires an outbound quickly on the stretcher, member li and another teammate reimbursing, as soon as possible in order to send the patient safety treatment station, from the platform to exit near 3 km walk all the way, two people just send the patient to exit quickly ran smoothly, for the patient to the treatment of precious time.As an important passenger transport hub, railway stations are an important frontier in epidemic prevention and control.Except for the militia commandos who are on duty at the entrance and responsible for epidemic prevention and control, all stations in Hunan have covered all areas and personnel.Changsha South Railway Station carries out a daily inspection for all staff and carries out a comprehensive disinfection of the station every night to ensure the safety of passengers.

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