M: Well, it’s a good way to comfort yourself by buying bears to hang all over the yard after paying off my debt

As the saying goes, nothing is light, many times we do not want to relax themselves, but by the real life in a complete mess, so in their completely empty mood, with their favorite way to comfort themselves is also a good enjoyment.Here is a news I saw on the Internet today: after a guy paid off all his debts, he used the remaining money to buy a lot of bears and hung them all over his yard.My individual is special envy to this kind of circumstance however, after oneself get married and establish a career, do not say the decoration style in the home is to do according to the daughter’s interest, be oneself especially like thing also is to ponder over and over again tardy cannot start to buy.So most of the time I blame myself, to their own life without their own taste, is it just because of their own married mother’s sake?Therefore, when I saw this news on the Internet, I was particularly touched. Although life is sometimes helpless, it is also fun to live according to your own will.

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