Maya Fu realized her dream?”Still eat” first trailer, Xu Kaiwu said bright red dress hand in hand

It’s 2022. Where is Maya Fu girl?The TV series “Still Food” is going to help you realize your dream!In the summer of 2018, the Story of Yanxi Palace was born out of nowhere, and in a short period of time, it became the most popular drama of 2018 with irresistible momentum.This drama not only makes nie Yuan, Qin LAN and other older actors once again popular, but also makes Wu Jinyan, Xu Kai and other new generation of actors emerge from this, known to the audience.In addition, the popularity of Yanxi Palace has spawned many popular meme, such as “Big Pig’s Foot”, “Maya Fu Girl”, “Wei Long CP”, etc.In the drama, Fu Cha Fu Heng, played by Xu Kai, and Wei Yingluo, played by Wu Jinyan, have a deep-rooted love affair.But helpless fate lane person, know each other but cannot be together.People were upset by the fate of Fuheng and Yingluo, and Maya Fu girl was what girls who liked the couple called themselves.Time flies, four years go by.Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan once again collaborated on the TV series shang Food, in which Xu Kai played Zhu Zhanji and Wu Jinyan played Yao Zijin, a palace maid in the Shang Food Bureau.Judging from the plot, There are twists and turns in the love story between the male and female protagonists in “Still Eating”, so should they get together this time?She constantly efforts to forge ahead of the growth hymn, from a little-known maid, step by step to grow into palm food, division of food;There are also the thinking and study of food, the praise and dissemination of Chinese food culture.On February 15, the trailer for the food version of the TV drama “Fashion Food” debuted at the official blog. Various kinds of food appeared in turn, which made people’s foreforeds excited, and had a feeling of food documentary.It is reported that in order to show the exquisite food, the cast of Shang Food invited professional food production and shooting team, and presented more than 600 Chinese food in the drama.To be honest, this kind of subject matter is really fascinating and meaningful.After all, who doesn’t love good food?It’s worth noting that at the end of the trailer, kai Xu and Jinyan Wu’s characters, dressed in red, hold hands and look at each other. This scene will finally make Maya Fu’s dream come true, and someone will finally pay for her life.Finally, we hope “Still Eat” soon broadcast, as soon as possible to meet with the audience.I wonder if people will be chasing it?

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