School signage should be well selected

School signs are stored in every corner of the school.In daily life, students may not pay much attention to signs.However, the effectiveness of logos cannot be underestimated.When freshmen arrive at an unfamiliar school, it is easy for them to have a vague sense of direction because they do not know the school.The school must have a perfect and accurate school logo guidance system, which can not only let freshmen master the school construction, but also show the school spirit and better show the school image.1. Small and medium-sized signs can generally be made of a single material, while large and medium-sized signs have complex processing technology and diverse structures.Common collocation structure is: surface material – internal structure – lamp source.2. Acrylic plate, laminated glass, stainless steel tube, titanium stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, metal wire drawing plate, cold rolled steel plate, stainless steel mirror glass, natural marble, solid wood, etc.3 large and medium-sized signs of the internal structure of the material including: light metal, aluminum, stainless steel tube, etc..4. Large and medium-sized signs of light source materials: low temperature plasma lamp, color lamp, LED lamp, backlight and other related materials.Tiandi Zhiyuan logo after 16 years, focusing on logo system engineering solutions design, innovation, research and development and production, the company has a modern workshop of 3000 square meters, design and development office area of 1200 square meters, more than 30 large and medium-sized equipment, there is a logo industry engaged in many years, experienced team.The products and services are applied to commercial real estate signs, school signs, hospital signs, scenic spots signs, hotel signs, municipal enterprises signs and other “six fields”.

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