Wang Anshi with white hair is full of regrets, back to the past to create two, let a person sad works

Wang Anshi was a famous reformer, ideologist, litterateur and one of the eight masters of tang and Song dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty.In pushing forward reform and reform on our own, we overcame all kinds of difficulties despite numerous obstacles. Although we did not succeed later, our courage and commitment are admirable.In addition, his achievements in literature are also worthy of affirmation. He was selected into the eight masters of tang and Song Dynasties and left many classic works. He has high attainments in poetry.Although the evaluation of Wang Anshi is different in later generations, I personally believe that Wang Anshi is the greatest reformer of that era. We cannot say that the reform and reform failed, so we can completely deny it. His ideas are extremely advanced, and even in the present, they are still out of date, which is also one of wang Anshi’s worst points.Wang Anshi’s achievements in literature are as good as any of the great writers of his time. His poems have high artistic conception and high literary value. Many of his works have been included in primary school textbooks, but his words are a little inferior.Wang anshi’s poetry is obviously influenced by tang poetry, but he innovates on it, not only incorporating more emotion, but also adding a layer of profound philosophy to some of his works.May be familiar to many people for wang anshi is the “plum” and “docking melon continent”, this kind of works included in the textbook, in fact, wang anshi creation, leaving more than one thousand nine hundred poems, there are some less popular works, writes very deeply, such as this group of the topic first “western Pacific a palace wall two, seemingly at random, but got moving.The willows cry (蜩) green and dark, the lotus sunset is red and sound.36 Po spring water, white head meet Jiangnan.This is the first song, the wording is very particular, at that time wang Anshi was already full of white hair at the time of creation, so he thought of his youth and his father to visit the West One Tai Palace scene, a moment of mixed feelings, thought of the past years, thought of the beautiful Jiangnan.The poem begins like a stunning landscape painting, with a cicada chirping on a branch in the depth of dense willow leaves, and a lotus flower in the setting sun, dazzling and enchanting.The first two sentences highlight the scenery in front of him, in order to lead to the next two sentences. At this time, Wang Anshi is immersed in the memories of the past, making reality and fantasy intertwined together.Looking at the pond in a wang Chunshui, I have white hair of the old man, an instant thought of the distant jiangnan water town.Wang Anshi was born in Linchuan, Jiangxi province. His hometown is a typical scene in the south of the Yangtze River. It was the beautiful scenery of spring that triggered the poet’s homesickness.Thirty years ago, my father and brother held my things here.Today again to whitehead, to find the old trace are lost.The second in-depth description of the memory of the past, after all, people are emotional, especially childhood memories, every time I think of the heart will emerge a warm current;Thirty years ago, my father and brother took me to this very spot to see its stunning scenery.Today I came here again, once again felt the beautiful scenery here, but want to look for traces of that year, but it is a blurred, time is too long, a lot of things have changed, can only be found in the memories.Memory is a very strange thing, especially for an old man, whenever think of childhood, think of those past experiences, the heart must be filled with emotion.Wang Anshi’s two poems describe the past years, in those old memories, thinking of his father and brother.Wang is immersed in memory, and the two poems echo each other in an exquisitely written way.Literally speaking, Wang Anshi was improvising and writing poems on the wall. Many scholars in ancient times like to write poems.The same is true of Wang Anshi. However, these two poems can not only look at the surface, but more reflect the poet’s feelings about the passage of time, as well as the meaning of falling leaves returning to the roots.Since the early years left home, rarely returned to Jiangxi, the ancients pay attention to fallen leaves return to the root, Wang Anshi was already white hair, think of those past, let him very sad, can only be expressed through words, for this two poems moving.

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