Break five “send poor”, did you do these things today?

The fifth day arrived, in the Chinese traditional custom, the fifth day “send year”, concentrated people’s good wishes for the future.And now, through the fifth day, also means that the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, we have to pick up the excited mood during the New Year, find the state, to a better spring!Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month, commonly known as “Po Wu”, which means to “break” all kinds of taboos in the days before the Spring Festival and welcome the New Year.The ancient Chinese New Year is very ceremonial, so during the Spring Festival, is always filled with all kinds of taboos.For example, “do not use raw rice for cooking”, “do not throw garbage out”, “women do not sew with needles” and so on.But too many taboos will also bring a lot of inconvenience to life, so it can not last long. On the fifth day, some taboos can no longer be observed, so the fifth day is called “Po Wu”.After the fifth day, everything slowly restored to the state before the New Year’s Eve.The so-called old and new, is to throw away the troubles of the past year, the garbage of the past, usher in a new atmosphere, new vitality.Yesterday the start of spring just passed, today is “Po Wu”, the New Year of life, officially began today.Spring has come, people began to stand on a new starting line.Let last year all zero, no matter it is regret, or joy.Those regretful things even if again sigh, also too late.Those happy things, again sentimentally attached, it also stayed in the past years.Give yourself a new wish, give yourself a new appearance.Send the poor out, welcome the fortune na CAI about the origin of “Po Five” so far.Legend has it that after jiang Ziya conferred the title of god, he conferred the title of “God of poverty” on his wife who betrayed him, and ordered her to “return home whenever she was broken.”In order to avoid the spirit of poverty, people called this day “Po Wu” and told her to go back immediately.Therefore, on the fifth day of the first month, “send the poor God”, is also a very distinctive custom of the age of our folk.During the Spring Festival, people want to drive out the “five poor”, namely, the poor in intelligence, learning, education, life and communication.People burn firecrackers, firecrackers from each house to the outside, put the side to go outside, will all the unlucky things, all the demons and ghosts will be blown out, let them far away from us.On this day, we also need to pick up the broom to clean the garbage out, which means to drive all the dirty things out. It shows the good wishes of the Chinese working people to dispel evil, avoid disaster and pray for good luck.In addition, according to folklore, the fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the God of wealth, so the most important activity on this day is to welcome the God of wealth and pray for the New Year.In order to welcome the arrival of the God of wealth, people will prepare a sumptuous banquet on the fourth night of the day, offering sheep head carp, which means good luck and abundance every year.Also set off firecrackers, “mildew” away from home, in order to god of wealth bless us next year and increase wealth.There is also a word “break wu”, which means to get rid of one’s bad habits, reflect on one’s mistakes and create a new self.There is an ancient saying that “at 30, one should be able to face all difficulties calmly by himself”.The “standing” here requires years of accumulation, repeated “breaking” and countless “trial and error” experiences. Only in this way can we have the opportunity to open the locked door and acquire new discoveries to cultivate and grow.When my daughter was four years old, she made a flower basket in the handicraft class. One day, the flower basket accidentally fell out of a triangle, and my daughter cried.I said, “Let’s try and see if we can make the basket more beautiful than it was when it wasn’t broken!”We cut and pasted and painted with crayons.Finally, a very beautiful flower basket was made.My daughter excitedly said to me, “Mom, I understand that crying is useless.”Of course, not everything can be made better than it was when it wasn’t broken. The bottom line is that it can’t be worse.This is also a restorative ability of life.In fact, in my mind, “breaking” is a particularly good intention, after breaking the cube has a chance to get a new life.In the course of life, there will always be changes and challenges. We have no control over what happens in a person’s life, but it is possible to get a new life if we break the shackles. Only by having the courage to break through, can we usher in a new beginning.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games opened yesterday, and all the competitions are in full swing. The Winter Olympic Games is also a new beginning for us and represents a new hope for our future.Let’s pay attention to the Winter Olympics, pay attention to this big event at home, cheer for the Olympic athletes, look forward to their good results!

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