Fight again B+ class car market, FAW Toyota launched the new Asian dragon

In China’s automobile market, the development trend of joint venture brands and Chinese local brands is very different. Chinese brands are accelerating upward with the help of the first mover advantage of electrification and intelligence, which gives joint ventures a lot of pressure.In this context, how to further open the market has become a joint venture car enterprises top priority.With more and more accurate product classification in the automobile market, the demand for B+ market is also expanding day by day. Faw Toyota has targeted the track, launched its flagship product — Asiatic Dragon, and seized a certain share in this market segment.In 2021, Asia Dragon achieved sales of more than 120,000 vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of more than 110% and a monthly average of more than 10,000, ranking firmly in the first echelon of this market segment.On March 30, faW Toyota TNGA flagship sedan – the new Asian Dragon hit the market.The all-new Asiatic Dragon offers three powertrains and a total of nine models at a price range of 199,800 yuan to 279,800 yuan.Faw Toyota said the new Asian Dragon has made breakthroughs in design, configuration, safety and intelligent connectivity.Specifically, in terms of appearance, the new Asian Dragon has introduced two front grille styles for the fuel version and the dual-engine version.The 2.5L twin-engine version and the 2.0L gasoline-powered version use the upper and lower highlighted modular grille.The 2.5L gasoline-powered version features a dot-mesh styling front grille and three new hub styling.In terms of the most important size of B+ models, the length of the new Asian Dragon reaches 4990mm, the width is 1850mm, and the wheelbase is 2870mm.With the support of the new TNGA powertrain and lightweight technology, the new Asian Dragon also has fuel economy. Under WLTC conditions, the fuel consumption per 100 km of the 2.5L dual-engine version is only 4.71L, the 2.5L gasoline version is 6.28L, and the 2.0L gasoline version is 6.16L.In terms of power, the 2.0L engine has a maximum power of 131kW and a maximum torque of 210Nm. It matches the simulated 10-speed CVT.The 2.5-L petrol engine has a maximum power of 154kW and a maximum torque of 250Nm, matched with an 8-speed manual transmission.The dual-engine is equipped with a 2.5-liter engine with a maximum power of 131kW and a maximum torque of 221Nm. The motor has a maximum power of 88kW and a combined power of 160kW.The Asian Dragon has been controversial in the past because of its slightly older interior and lack of technology, while the new Asian Dragon has changed this aspect more obviously.Adopt full LCD instrument, 10.1-inch multimedia screen + 12.3-inch LCD instrument + 10-inch HUD display, and add Toyota Connect Toyota Chi Hang interconnection system to realize remote control of the vehicle.Since its birth in North America in 1994, up to December 2021, The cumulative sales volume of Asialong in the global market has reached 2.05 million.Since its entry into the Chinese market in 2019, it has broken the B+ market pattern, and its cumulative sales volume has exceeded 300,000.It is not difficult to see that the upgraded new Asian Dragon is more and more obvious in its determination to defend the B+ market, and its launch is also aimed at helping FAW Toyota develop rapidly.In 2021, FAW Toyota achieved the annual production of 832,000 vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of 7%.It sold 860,000 units, up 8% year on year.In 2021, The sales volume of Asialong exceeded 120,000 units and monthly sales exceeded 10,000 units, ranking firmly in the first echelon of sales of the same level and becoming its flagship product, further strengthening the B+ market base for FAW Toyota.Since entering the ERA of TNGA architecture in 2018, FAW Toyota has launched new models such as Asia Dragon, RAV4 Rongfa and Corolla with the goal of “building better cars”, further foreshadowing the new record in 2022.Standing on the starting line of 2022, FAW Toyota has also anchored the goal of “annual sales of one million, tired over ten million”.It is reported that FAW Toyota will spare no effort to promote products, production capacity landing, factory construction projects, key model projects orderly promote, so as to lay a foundation for FAW Toyota standing at a new starting point to complete a higher goal.Under the premise of new opportunities appearing in both the global environment and the Chinese auto market, auto companies need to find the right transformation methods to seek new development in the crisis.In order to win thousands of miles in the challenge and remain invincible, FAW Toyota’s prescription in 2022 is to continuously deepen marketing innovation, supply chain optimization, commodity enhancement, transformation and upgrading.After all, constantly enriching its hard power is the driving force to win the future and the ballast stone to resist unknown risks and changes. Faw Toyota must be well aware of this if it wants to seize opportunities under the new pattern.It should be pointed out that the competition in China’s auto market has entered a white-hot stage, especially the “new, four modernizations” has accelerated the development of smart cars and new power car enterprises.For traditional car enterprises, transformation and reform is imminent.The prospect of the new Asian Dragon is bound to face many tests, as “Generation Z” users gradually become the dominant market of automobile consumption, to meet the actual needs of emerging groups, “static braking” is bound to be difficult to open up a larger incremental market.After three years of deep cultivation in the B+ market, it is up to the market to verify whether Asia Dragon can further reshape and surpass the brand value, continue to provide the driving force for the brand, and thus help FAW Toyota to achieve the goal.Chief Editor: Yu Jianping

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