“Natural aspirin” found, doctor: If taken regularly, helps clear blood vessels and prevent blood clots

Blood vessels, is an important component of human blood, blood will be in constant circulation of blood vessels, and to provide a steady stream of nutrients and oxygen to the body, now the social life diet diversification, take off appeared a lot of garbage, if not timely is cleared, the long time accumulation in blood vessels, is easy to cause blood clots, thrombosis.Especially the elderly people, they pay more attention to the health of blood vessels in the human body, so usually choose to dredge blood vessels, clean up the garbage in the blood, among many methods, dietary conditioning should be the best.Blood vessels in the human body can run to your head with the flow of blood, which is very scary, because it can block the blood vessels in your brain, causing cerebral ischemia, also known as stroke.When this situation occurs, it is often accompanied by, especially unilateral limb sudden numbness and weakness, sudden fuzzy consciousness, difficulty in speech.It directly affects the normal life and work.Blood clots also occur in the veins of the human body. This condition is also known as the “silent killer”. Many vein clots form without any symptoms or sensation and can be fatal if they occur.The most common disease is pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis in the lower extremities.From the point of view of clinical medicine, arterial thrombosis is very dangerous, when the coagulation of blood clots, blocked human blood vessels, tissues and organs do not have blood supply, it is easy to appear myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction.And this situation is usually more common in the heart of the human body, coronary heart disease is easy to occur, so it should be actively prevented.Thrombosis love block “leg” emboli in the body will continue to move, once running to the lower limb artery of the human body will be blocked, it is easy to appear lower limb artery embolism, this situation will not only appear continuous pain, sensory loss, toe muscle weakness, even cause serious consequences of tissue necrosis.If it is not alleviated or controlled for a long time, intermittent claudication may occur.This condition gets worse with age, so it’s important to keep your blood vessels clean and unclogged.Tomatoes Tomatoes are a common vegetable on the table, it can better protect the blood vessels of the human body, prevent hypertension, high blood fat, and contain rich vitamins.Especially in acid is produced by nutritional value of citric acid and malic acid and become a kind of nutrients, can clean up the blood vessels of free radicals and grease structure, effective in protecting the vascular transparent state, improve various tissue and organs, accept fresh dilution, the antioxidant capacity of blood, dredge the toughness of the blood vessels.Spinach soup now the price of spinach is relatively close to the people, a lot of people like to drink spinach soup, spinach vitamin and carotene content is very high, often eat spinach, can effectively promote the synthesis of protein, protect the human body’s joints and bones, improve the human immune function.In particular, antioxidants can effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles and clean the pores of the body.Eat spinach at ordinary times, help to dredge blood vessels, speed up blood flow, prevent blood vessel blockage and thrombosis problems.Yam yam is rich in mucin, which has special protective effect after entering the body. It can effectively prevent the accumulation of fat on the cardiovascular system, so as to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis.At the same time, it can also reduce subcutaneous fat accumulation, and dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation. If you want to better protect blood vessels, you can often take Yams.At the same time, to keep in mind some daily diet taboos, for some high oil, high salt and high sugar, it is best to eat less.Healthy New Year

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