On The 29th, Fujian added 7+85!Quanzhou a new batch of high risk areas

According to the National Health Commission (NHC), seven new confirmed cases were reported in Fujian, including six in Quanzhou city and one in Putian City.Eighty-five asymptomatic local infections were reported, including 82 in Quanzhou, two in Zhangzhou and one in Putian.Notice of the Office of The Emergency Response Command for the Prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus Disease in Quanzhou City On the basis of the actual situation of the epidemic prevention and control in The city, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:According to the expert judgment, from March 29, 2022, Fengze District chengdong Street Daitou Community, Dongxing Community, Quanxiu Street DaoDengxing community, Chengzhou community, Shenzhou community, Donghai street Yunshan Community, Bincheng Community, Fashi community, Yungu community will be adjusted as high-risk areas;Will Jin Yu okanagan valley area east of the city street community, the sea, tongyuan community, west fu, chardonnay, before the new communities, ren zhuang, east China sea street baoshan community, Ming lake, east lake street community, sitting before the okanagan valley street community, east tu, source huai communities, radically XiBao street community, spring show chau street lights, huai, rookie communities as a risk in the region.Office of quanzhou Emergency Command for the Prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic In Quanzhou, National Health Commission

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