Teacher Cui Jian provided huawei LTC marketing system annual landing guidance for intelligent Driving Department of Dongfeng Motor

Recently, Teacher Cui Jian’s team provided the LTC marketing system annual landing guidance for the Intelligent driving business department of Dongfeng Motor for half a year, focusing on the LTC process reform and marketing ability improvement of Dongfeng Motor.The intelligent driving business of Dongfeng Motor Group, a giant of Chinese automobile industry and a fortune 500 company, focuses on to B/G high-level seamless mobility service solutions for autonomous driving, as well as the production, sales, demonstration application and promotion of standardized autonomous vehicles.Relying on the “national technology center”, the company has independently developed four product lines to build seamless mobile service solutions: system and product line, vehicle level product line, ecosystem product line, and digital tools product line.Integrated consideration of the company’s management company strategic vision, industry development prospects and business characteristics, huawei comprehensive learning take the customer as the center of the market system, launch “from clues to the receivable (LTC) construction of marketing system” the project, aims to build a from market, leads, sales, project, delivery, cash to the service platform for the closed loop type ecological market operating system.Teacher Cui Jian’s team is responsible for the implementation of the project.Cui Jian teacher is big customer marketing experts, former huanan for overseas teams TK business minister, some overseas company vice President, huawei LTC marketing system for benchmarking, with twenty years big customer marketing actual combat case for material, concise form a set of routing, systematic, organized large customer marketing system, and in many companies practice, has achieved remarkable results.This is the core reason why the management of Dongfeng Motor Group considers Cui Jian’s team to be responsible for the construction of LTC.On June 30, 2021, Teacher Cui Jian’s team started on-site investigation and the project was officially launched.As a project mobilization, Teacher Cui Jian specially held the training and symposium of “Taking Huawei as the Benchmark of Key Account Marketing” for dongfeng Yuexixiang team, explaining LTC project in detail to everyone.Teacher Cui Jian shared his excellent experience of key account marketing in Huawei for many years.He pointed out that marketing, as the engine driving performance growth, needs to build a relatively perfect process system. LTC marketing system aims to build replicable organizational marketing ability, improve project operation efficiency and profitability, and create a complete business loop from customer demand discovery to customer demand satisfaction, which is the core purpose of LTC.As for the construction of LTC process system, Teacher Cui Jian said that it is particularly important to master the knowledge points such as customer insight and sales lead cultivation, customer demand analysis and solutions, customer relations, iron triangle marketing organization, and project milestone management. Teacher Cui Jian explained and explained one of them.In order to let dongfeng Yuexiang marketing elite quickly understand and control the essence of LTC, the training was conducted on-site participation and interaction, we were divided into groups for case study, the use of LTC in the case was summarized and explained, the field PK.For the follow-up project to introduce systematic marketing system for the full ideological unity, consciousness enlightenment.After the first training, Teacher Cui Jian continued the LTC landing project in Dongfeng Motor.In the following months, Teacher Cui Jian successively helped Dongfeng Automobile to sort out the LTC process operation manual, iron Triangle qualifications and various tool templates. These management work helped Dongfeng Automobile to land the LTC project faster.At the same time, Teacher Cui Jian also assisted the marketing team to do a number of typical project guidance, strengthening the TEAM’s LTC gene.Teacher Cui Jian’s serious and responsible work and remarkable results have won the recognition of the group leaders and the marketing team.”Intelligent vehicle autonomous driving technology has entered the stage of large-scale application, coupled with the support of the national development strategy, showing a trend of rapid development,” dongfeng said.It is believed that under the promotion of LTC project by Teacher Cui Jian, the company’s business will be closer to market demand, better promote the company’s business scenarios, create a perfect marketing system and management system, and lay a good foundation for the company to become a world-class autonomous driving technology company and service enterprise.”

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