Workers, you should know how your pay is being deducted!If you don’t know, check it out

During the recent hiring process, it seems that many people are not quite sure how to calculate their take-home pay. Even some veteran workers who have worked for more than 10 years don’t know how money is deducted.Many people say that I only see the hand salary, the five insurances and one housing fund those do not care, the less I pay the better.All I can say is, to say that, you must be very young.This article is to give you a brief explanation of how we are deducted from our own wages.The part that be buckled, the mainest is the part of individual deduction of 5 insurances one gold and individual income tax, we see below respectively is how to calculate.5 dangerous 5 dangerous point to is endowment insurance, medical treatment insurance, birth insurance, inductrial injury insurance, unemployed insurance, among them birth insurance and individual of inductrial injury insurance do not need pay charge.First, the contribution rate is 8 percent for endowment insurance, 2 percent for medical insurance and 0.5 percent for unemployment insurance.As for the base of payment, the government releases the base of payment every year. Taking Hangzhou as an example, the current base is as follows:The upper limit of the monthly premium base is temporarily 19783 yuan (300% of the monthly average “salary”), and the lower limit is temporarily 3957 yuan (60% of the monthly average salary). We don’t have to go out of our way to understand why this is made, but it’s enough to know these two figures.Want to carry a concept here, it is “real capture”, a lot of people listen to may not understand for the first time, it is the meaning of pay according to actual wages actually, of course the highest affirmation cannot be higher than the highest ceiling that the government sets 19783 yuan.Therefore, we usually talk about the five insurances. As employees, we only need to pay the expenses of the three insurances, the total proportion is 10.5%. If your monthly salary is 10,000 yuan, the deduction of the five insurances will be 1,050 yuan, leaving 8,950 yuan.Housing provident fund the proportion of provident fund is 5%-12%, by the company’s own choice, the company and the individual by 1:1 ratio each to pay a sum.The government will also release the annual payment base. Currently, the base implemented in Hangzhou is as follows: the monthly average salary of employees employed in non-private units in hangzhou is determined to be 3 times, and the upper limit of the deposit base is 32077 yuan;The lower limit of deposit base is the local monthly minimum wage standard announced by the government, that is, the lower limit of Hangzhou urban area is 2010 yuan.The same with the five insurances, the actual payment cannot exceed the maximum limit set by the government. If the monthly salary is calculated at 12% of 10,000 yuan, the deduction of the provident fund will be 1200 yuan, leaving 7,750 yuan.Personal income Tax When we deduct the five social insurances and one housing fund, the remaining money is to pay personal income tax, the threshold for individual income tax is 5000 yuan, that is to say, if the remaining money is less than 5000 yuan, then there is no need to pay individual income tax.According to the above method, we calculate backwards, that is, the monthly salary does not exceed 6451.6 yuan, do not have to pay individual income tax.If the monthly salary is calculated at 10,000 yuan, of the remaining 7,750 yuan, 2,750 yuan is required to pay personal income tax. Of course, there are other deductions, such as special deductions.It’s going to be different for everyone, so I’m just going to ignore it, and you can re-match it for your own personal situation.According to the individual income tax rate, the corresponding tax rate of 2,750 yuan is 3%, that is, to pay 82.5 yuan of tax.To sum up, the monthly salary is 10,000 yuan. After paying five insurances, housing fund and individual income tax, the monthly salary should be 7,667.5 yuan.But don’t forget, you still have 2,400 yuan in your CPF account, which is real money, and of course your Social Security account.In Hangzhou, I know many companies that pay according to the minimum number stipulated by the government, ostensibly to give their employees a little more take-home pay each month, but actually to reduce the company’s costs.So do you know how much you can get on a minimum salary of $10,000 a month?Do the math and post it in the comments section.So there’s another question: when you’re looking for a job, will you go to a company that pays the full amount of social security, or will you go to a company that pays the minimum amount?Wait for your answers in the comments section.Here is @Zeng Xin words , like attention not lost, take you to explore the truth of the workplace!

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