Climbing the mountain to see the water, walking and jogging…These fun free parks smell good

N Haidu All Media Reporter Luo Danling Correspondent MAO Shuwen Chen Xiaojing/Picture This Spring Festival holiday, where do you go?Break your fingers, the holiday is half over, if you haven’t decided where to go in the next few days, you might as well come to Fuzhou Mawei these fun do not have tickets to the park around, really sweet!Dongjiangbin Park is located in the north bank of Minjiang River from Kuiqi Bridge to Majandu, Mawei District, with a total length of 8.7 kilometers and a total area of 748.79 mu.The park has a pedestrian path, bicycle path, basketball court, football field and non-dynamic children’s playground along the river. It is not only full of environmental protection and low-carbon elements, but also has a strong cultural connotation and sports atmosphere.In the early morning evening, stroll along the riverside and enjoy the scenery of minjiang River wetland islands;As night falls, the lights come on, and there are “two horses with the spring Lantern Festival” large-scale lighting group blessing, the park is more lively.Tianma Mountain Ecological Park is backed by Gushan Mountain, surrounded by minjiang River on both sides, with dense forest and pleasant natural landscape.Ten steps up, standing in the “Spring Dawn” pavilion overlooking mawei district panoramic view.The landscape architecture, landscape and pavilion of Tianma Mountain Ecological Park not only have the momentum of a royal garden, but also have the characteristics of jiangnan gardens. It is a comprehensive urban mountain park with the characteristics of ship administration culture, integrating urban functional repair, ecological restoration, mountain fitness, smart city and leisure and entertainment.The park takes “ecological belt, Landscape belt and memory belt” as the main line, and is divided into multi-functional areas such as guide square, ecological parking lot, children’s playground, ecological flower Valley, Mid-mountain Setting green, Chiqiao Looking for River, Majiang Mission Hills, Chuntai Xiaori, and Iron Armor.This period of time, the Persian chrysanthemum garden, plum blossom have been blooming, fast about 35 friends and family to a negative oxygen ion journey!Luoxing Tower Park Luoxing Tower is an internationally recognized navigation mark, a symbol of the gateway to the Minjiang River, known as the “Chinese tower”.Landing tower top, port wharf, development zone in the eye.River bank on both sides of the ancient fortress, you can see the fireworks filled the ancient battlefield of the Sino-French campaign, you can also see zhaozhong Temple to pay respects to the martyrs who died for the country.Before entering luoxing Tower Park, you can go to the no.1 dock at the edge of the park to see a naval submarine moored here. Although retired for many years, it is still heroic.Entering the park, there is a short space and time corridor, implying the evolution process from wooden to steel armor and then to modernization of ship administration vessels.Pick up the steps, all the way to the top, you can reach the Tower.Luo Xing Pagoda was originally a wooden pagoda, built with stone in 1624, a total of seven stories of star anise.The tower is 31.5 meters high and the diameter of the tower is 8.60 meters.Outside there are stone railings and diarrhea water lined.Eaves corner on the town of eight Buddha;The bell hung under the corner, the sea breeze blowing, jingling.The top of the tower is equipped with a small light for photo navigation.In addition, Luoxing Tower was also called China Tower, which was the Tower anchorage of international postal service at that time. If a letter was sent to Fuzhou Mawei, it could be sent as long as it was written “China Tower”.Tingjiang Fortress Park Tingjiang Fortress was built in the 15th year of Shunzhi of qing Dynasty (1658) to fight against Zheng Chenggong.It is located in the north bank of the Minjiang River Tiandanger Min ‘an gate, and the south bank of the fort opposite.Min ‘anmen has a river gorge more than 6 kilometers long and the river is only more than 300 meters wide.The north and south forts of Minjiang River constitute the “first gateway of Fuzhou provincial capital”, and were announced by The State Council as the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units in 2013.Tingjiang Fort covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters.The fort as a whole is composed of riverbank fort, mountainside fort, mountaintop general fort, ammunition depot, barracks, tunnels, etc. It is basically preserved in its original appearance and has a sense of historical vicissitudes.The base of the fort is made of fir soaked in tar, covered with wooden piles, mixed with organic matter mainly made of glutinous rice paste, shell ash, sea sand and other inorganic materials, burned to 200 degrees Celsius in the blast furnace, poured in the model after cooling.The body of the fort, solidified by glutinous rice mortar, is still very strong more than 300 years ago.”Minshan generation in the audacity, Minjiang rolling will not destroy.”Tingjiang Fort gives a person a kind of “patriotic defense of xinjiang for hundreds of years, an inch of land an inch of blood” profound enlightenment.Today, although the Ting Jiang Fortress no longer emits guns, no longer garrisons troops, but still reminds people to remember the rich country strong army to revive the Mission of the Chinese nation.Hongguang Lake Park Along the Beijing-Fu line all the way down, is located in Langqi hongguang Lake Park.As the largest artificial lake park in Fuzhou, Langqi Hongguang Lake Park has a central lake area of 300 mu, comparable to The West Lake Park in Fuzhou.Hongguang Lake Park, with its beautiful ecological environment and various recreational facilities, has become a perfect place for tourists to relax and take photos.The garden is set with red 𫊻, octopus, various fruit sculpture group area, styleIn the central square, red houses and high windmills satisfy the children’s romantic imagination of an adventure country;The relief wall of “Jiadeng Langqi” with the track of time series and stars shows the unique natural landscape of Langqi Island, rich traditional culture and the yearning of Langqi people for a better future…The hongguang Lake also retains the original wetland ecosystem on the west side of the lake, attracting egrets, magpies and other birds to live here.After seeing so many parks, do you feel your heart pounding?Get out of the house and take a park tour!Edit: In vain

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