During the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, the city’s A-class scenic spots received 8.65 million tourists

2022 Spring Festival holiday chongqing culture and tourism market situation for 7 during the Spring Festival holiday in laughter and reunion fleeting don’t know friends doing this holiday? Follow brigade wen jun take A look at the city’s cultural tourism market operation situation of A, A level scenic spots received during the holiday, a-class tourist scenic spots in the city A total of 8.65 million person-times of tourists,An increase of 9.4% from 2021.Figure source | location travel winter games, and so did the ice-snow tourism, ice and snow travel by tourists favor, ice and snow tourism merchandise orders year-on-year growth of more than 30% last year, among them, 129000 people an wulong karst tourist area, the nanchuan location, every 112000 people 80000 people an video south lake,(According to data released by Feizu) Chongqing ranks fourth among China’s popular urban destinations and tourist sources.Figure source | system scene by tourist hot springs hot springs, hot spring scenic area east, every 42000 people 22000 people an spa town, series hot spring scene, every 20000 people through the script to kill all kinds of games, such as hot spring tourists in the warm Shang Chi wash a tired, feel happiness in the New Year.Figure source | worm downtown creative city is still popular with tourists, chongqing HongYa hole, magnetic device mouth town, chongqing zoo, the happy valley, Yangtze river cableway tourists respectively 421000, 267000, 146000, 109000, 66000.The whole city’s tourist attractions run smoothly and orderly.Ii. Cultural Activities Municipal professional art units combined with their own artistic characteristics, for the citizens of the wonderful variety of live performances of 20.Among them, Chongqing Song and Dance Troupe created and arranged the dance program “Hot Pot Sonata” on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger. With rich body language and a variety of dance elements, it highlights the fireworks of the mountain city and the cultural characteristics of Chongqing.It has received more than 200 publicity reports from more than 30 news media in China and Chongqing, such as People’s Daily, Xinhuanet, Chinanews.com, Guangming.com, CnR.cn, Chongqing Daily, Hualong.com, Chongqing Radio and Television First Eye, etc. The exposure amount of new media platform is about 20 million, and the online and offline audience is about 500 million.In addition, the actors of chongqing Song and Dance Troupe also participated in the opening song and dance “Happy Auspicious Year”, song “Love Together”, song “Spring Bell”, song “Unforgettable Tonight” and other four performances, showing the elegant style of Chongqing literary and art workers.Figure source | chongqing international circus city official in chongqing grand theater staged ballet grand celebration plays the new ballet, chongqing international circus city, xinhua bookstore Chinese story to carry out the acrobatics SHOW “the magic of limit of happy SHOW, Chinese music appreciation concert music story on site, such as performance,At the same time, the online “Our Chinese Dream – Culture into the Thousands” Spring Festival cloud performance of the daily golden songs, through the government portal to show the opera “The Dust Has Settled” and so on.Art exhibition activities let the public enjoy the Chinese New Year culture feast.Chongqing Art Museum will hold the works exhibition of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Chongqing Art Academy, and the Traveling exhibition of Light Ji and Christopher Natural Art World (special exhibition).A series of mass cultural activities entitled “Our Chinese Dream — Bringing Culture into Thousands of People” were carried out in various districts and counties during the Spring Festival, and more than 50 representative intangible cultural heritage projects were broadcast in the activity of “Bringing Culture into Thousands of People — Live-streaming the Year of Hometown”.The city’s 43 public libraries and 41 cultural centers were open free of charge as usual, and colorful online cultural service activities such as cloud exhibitions, cloud Spring Festival Gala, cloud lectures and cloud training were held, attracting 330,000 visitors and 720,000 online services.A total of 387 mass writing activities were held in the city, involving 726,000 people.Sixteen museums, represented by the Three Gorges Museum, jointly launched the tiger Saves China — A special exhibition of Zodiac Cultural Relics, which was welcomed by the general public.Chongqing Museum of Natural History and other more than 20 museums have activities every day, Chongqing “Spend Chinese New Year in museums” play stage after stage, the National Cultural Heritage Administration museum headlines thematic push.The three Gorges Museum has more than 150 precious cultural relics related to the “tiger”, bringing the public a “tiger with wings” cultural journey.Dazu Stone Carvings Museum, Chongqing Museum of Natural History through Chongqing TV “first glance” to the general public to show the content of the Spring Festival exhibition, so that the general public in the museum to feel the thick traditional Taste of the New Year, to celebrate the Spring Festival.Red tourism continued to heat up, in Refuse Pit, Bai Mansion, citizens went to the scene to feel the great Red Rock spirit.Figure figure worm creative source | 72 museums and memorial halls new exhibition, the events of 68, the reception of visitors more than 651000 people.During the festival, many people go to Yidu Ancient town of Dadukou, Shuangjiang ancient town of Tongnan, Anju ancient town of Tongliang and other ancient towns to enjoy the lunar New Year, appreciate folk customs and taste delicious food.The city’s cultural and tourism elements frequently appear in mainstream media.CCTV news Broadcast has reported the Dazu District fire Dragon folk performance, Bishan District Intangible Cultural Heritage folk market, nanchuan District Meihua Garden Spring Festival activities to attract tourists to appreciate spring.Hongyadong and Qiansimen Bridge appeared in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala opening video.CCTV news channel “Focus interview” “General Secretary’s Care: Deep love of ice and snow leads to the future” program, shows the ice and snow in Jinfo Mountain, Nanchuan District.CCTV comprehensive channel and Variety Channel broadcast the program “Spring Comes with Vigor and Vitality”, and set up a venue in Dadukou and displayed chongqing elements such as hot pot, folk songs, Yidu ancient town and so on.CCTV News Channel and CCTV News client live broadcast the Spring Festival and folk custom activities in Xiliutuo Town, Banan District for 5 minutes and 30 minutes respectively.CCTV news channel “The World” reported on the tiger culture on display in Chongqing’s Jiangjin Museum;News Studio broadcast the report “Chongqing: Winter Olympics Drive the development of snow and ice Sports passion to welcome the Winter Olympics mountain snow and ice sports heated up”, introduced the nanchuan District Of Jfo Mountain snow and ice season situation;”News Room” and other columns 5 times reported the Four mountain scenic area of Jiangjin;”Dragon Rise, Tiger Leap Chinese New Year Culture Confidence big Year” program live reported bishan “acrobatic laughter full table food fragrance”.CCTV financial channel “Consumption Proposition” launched a new fashion “winter in Jinfo Mountain, skiing and hot spring”.CCTV news APP broadcast the folk culture activities held in Ciqikou and Shibati in Chongqing.Xinhua News Agency published “Enjoy holiday in lane of mountain City”.Xinhuanet.com published news such as “Spring Lighting decorations, dragon and lion dances… Ciqikou ancient Town launches a number of activities to celebrate the New Year”, “Playing lanterns step by step to see thousands of colorful lights lighting 18 stairs of old Chongqing feelings”, “Take your family to enjoy the Spring Festival holiday & LT; Chongqing •1949& GT;”, “Mountain city night view activates the Consumption vitality of the Year of the Tiger” and so on.On the front page of the People’s Daily, under the headline “Enjoy snow and ice”, a photo news report showed people skiing at the Nanchuan Ski resort.People’s Daily online published “During the Spring Festival, several scenic spots in Guang ‘an, Sichuan and Chongqing launched a” 50% Discount Mutual Tour “joint ticket activity”, Nanchuan District launched a New Cultural tour “Feast” to invite you to enjoy the Festival “, “Chongqing Colorful Grand Manor Opens a new immersive cultural tourism experience online” and so on.In addition, the city media also timely reported and published related cultural tourism news.Chongqing Daily published “Chongqing Song and Dance Troupe dance & LT; Hot Pot Sonata & GT; Will appear in the Year of the Tiger CCTV Spring Festival Gala”, “Culture is the most rich” Flavor of the New Year “, “More than 40 performances have been staged, Chongqing Grand Theater has launched the 2022 Spring Festival Season”, “Chongqing elements” shine on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala “and other news.The scenic spots such as Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, Rongchuang Yule Town in Shapingba District, Jinfo Mountain in Nanchuan District and Bodhi Town in Changshou District were reported in the form of group pictures.Chongqing TV’s “Chongqing News Broadcast” broadcast “Tourist attractions stable and orderly citizens enjoy the Festival”, “Traditional Folk Festival”, “Spring Festival tourism market continues to thrive”, “suburban tourism favored” and other news;Chongqing Radio and Television first eye launched “Come to Chongqing Museum of Natural History to see” Tiger tiger live power “!The intangible holidays with you | liangping woodcut New Year pictures, the chongqing liangjiang swim Cruise flight has increased.Hualong.com published “Sichuan and Chongqing Join Hands to Create a Special New Year’s Eve Dinner”, “Spring Festival Consumption Observation | Pack a Yard to Celebrate the New Year! Spend the New Year on the Spot to play new Tricks”, “Chongqing Song and Dance Troupe appears on CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger to highlight the charm of the mountain city”, “Chongqing Happy Valley Opens the” New “Grand Meeting of the New Year with strong Flavor and more joy in the Year of the Tiger”, etc.Upstream press published “the lion dance, dragon dance, delimit land boat… magnetic device mouth residents from group folk team take you celebrate the Chinese New Year” “chongqing zoo open comprehensive animal pavilion at the Spring Festival, come and look at what” little beast “live” sit “snow circle, sledding, ice and snow snow dance… Spring Festival activities interest more than” the Shen Tiemei and Zhang Jiayi cross-border singing “holidays” in the moon palace “, etc.

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