Epidemic prevention and control while grasping production Do not slacken spring ploughing is timely

Qinzhou District Rong media Center on April 4 (reporter Li Piao Liu Lijuan) now, is the spring sowing season, Huaqi town in good epidemic prevention and control at the same time, grab the favorable season, actively carry out spring farming production, to ensure that epidemic prevention production is not a fault, both grasp.Reporters in Huaqi Town xindai village, Liuping village epidemic prevention and control card point to see, by village cadres, volunteers composed of epidemic prevention working group, is on the past vehicles and personnel screening.Wang Feng, deputy mayor of Huaqi Town, said: “The establishment of 28 joint prevention and control points, the implementation of the 24-hour duty system, including three at the township level and 25 at the village level, will be accurate implementation of prevention and control measures to the point, household and people, to provide a solid and powerful guarantee to defeat the epidemic.”Do a good job of epidemic prevention and control at the same time, The town of Huaqi multiple measures to promote spring farming production.Large rotary tiller shuttles back and forth while farmers are busy sowing seeds at the abandoned land remediation site in Libai Village.It is understood that in view of the abandoned farmland in part of the village, Huaqi Town immediately connected with cooperatives and family farms, through the way of land transfer, so that the abandoned land revitalized.Zhao Mingming, head of Mingming family farm in Libai Village, said: “My family farm has transferred more than 600 mu of abandoned land in the village this year. Now it has cultivated more than 400 mu, and the remaining 200 mu is being opened up.”Zhao Mingming, head of Mingming family farm in Libai Village, said: “I plan to plant buckwheat and buckwheat for the remaining 200 mu, and prepare to plant winter wheat and winter rape in the latter half of the year.”Since this year, Huaqi town on the one hand to guide farmers reclamation planting, on the one hand to mobilize farmers will abandoned land transfer to professional cooperatives, so that idle land resources to maximize benefits.Wang Feng, deputy mayor of Huaqi Town, said: “The whole town has discharged more than 5,000 mu of abandoned land. In order to solve the problem of abandoned land, the Huaqi town government organized cooperatives within the town to connect with each village and transferred abandoned land.”In huaqi town, thousands of acres of high-standard farmland planting demonstration site, workers are fertilizing, spraying, large rotary tiller back and forth in the field to prepare for soybean planting.Liang Aihong, head of xinda planting and breeding farmer professional cooperative, said: “This year, our xinda cooperative on the transfer of more than 1,000 acres, ready to develop more than 1,000 acres of soybean industry, to ensure quality and quantity, to complete the soybean industry.”Thousands of acres of high-standard farmland in Huaqi town, the soil is suitable for cultivation and soil moisture retention, which is suitable for large-scale mechanical operations. It is expected to realize the annual increase of crop output of 196.76 tons, and the annual net increase of economic benefits of 1.6604 million yuan.Liang Aihong, head of xinda seed and breeding Farmers’ professional cooperative, said: “We now apply fertilizer, into the early April of mechanical operations, one-time planting, after planting, before April 20 about all the seedlings grow out, and then uniform seedlings, field management, deep plowing.”HuaQi town deputy mayor Wang Feng said: “the next step, the town of HuaQi closely around” to combine and balance “of work target, not loosen hold firmly grasp the real epidemic prevention and control work, conscientiously do epidemic prevention and control and the spring agricultural production work” to combine and balance “, as a whole the spring production, living environment improvement, such as priority, good spring agricultural production. In the first battle”(Editing/Review by Koh Ya-hsin/Sin Chi-cheung)

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