Hainan seeks public opinion on green factory evaluation technical specification

Hainan green factory evaluation specification solicit opinions from the society reporter Su Qingming 02, 2022 19 11:02 | sources:Under the background of promoting the construction of national ecological civilization pilot zone, clean energy island and green industrial development, the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology drafted the provincial local standard “Technical Specification for Green Factory Evaluation (Draft for Comments)” (hereinafter referred to as “Specification”), and released by the provincial Market Supervision Bureau to solicit opinions from the society.”Specification”, the green plants should be to guarantee the function, quality and manufacturing process of products under the premise of employee occupational health and safety, introduction of life cycle thinking, give priority to the green raw materials, process, technology and equipment, infrastructure, management system, energy and resources, products, environmental emissions, comprehensive evaluation of environmental performance requirements, and continuous improvement.The establishment of green factories should be regarded as an overall strategy, and measures such as land intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, recycling of waste and low carbonization of energy should be gradually implemented in industrial enterprises, and the continuous improvement of green factories can be achieved by formulating long-term strategies.Green factory infrastructure, management system, energy and resource input, product greening, environmental emissions, performance, evaluation methods and procedures are clearly stipulated and required in the Code, and 7 first-level indicators and several second-level indicators are set up.According to the draftsman of the document, the relevant requirements are set to reflect hainan’s leading role in promoting the construction of the national ecological civilization pilot zone, and the comprehensive performance indicators strive to reach the advanced level of the industry.At the same time, the document is a technical document for enterprises and third-party service agencies to carry out green factory creation and evaluation, which fully meets the operability requirements by specifying judgment criteria and scoring methods.(Edited by: Liu Yang, Xi Xiuqin)

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