Let’s talk about sorcery

Many people think it is sorcery when they see a character of sorcery, but it is not so. Sorcery wizards have many religious activities. There are more than 60 or 70 small and medium-sized religious activities:Jing, tao tyres, operator, cover pot, thanks to enron, medallion set, life for death, drew water out evil spirit, fetus, fetal water, and water, water water water mark, hemostatic, dragon boat, beater mountain mountain, deep sea, back injury, small cutting back ShengDi banqiao, play area, small back hou wu huang altar, echo divination, small night burning paper, back to the gods curse progenitor, back to serve every day, back to the lingguan LeiZu, play long drum etcNo matter what kind of ritual, their purpose and purpose is to exorcze evil spirits and town ghosts, for the ghost to bless the family four seasons peace, grain abundance, six livestock prosperity, financial resources widely into

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