More than 10 cases of liquor replacement project latest progress!The exposed company said a bottle of baijiu costs 600 yuan

Have no money, go home for the New Year, this was a popular song in the lyrics, sing the majority of working people’s aspirations!After a busy year, everyone is eager to go home to reunite with his wife and children, buy some new goods for the family and some new clothes for the children.However, there are always unexpected situations in the workplace, such as not being able to settle wages on time, and even using the so-called 600 yuan bottle of liquor to replace the project money.So, what’s going on here?What do the parties think about it?What is the latest development of the matter?The incident took place in Jinan, Shandong Province, where the video was taken on January 28 to demand payment for the project.To his surprise, instead of cash, the company gave him more than a dozen cases of “high-end” baijiu, which the company claimed cost 600 yuan per bottle.According to video footage from the scene, there were more than a dozen cases of baijiu neatly stored in the trunk of the car, as well as several bottles of baijiu in bulk.If a box of baijiu is filled with six bottles, each box of baijiu is worth 3,600 yuan, which means tens of thousands of yuan.However, near the end of the year, is to take cash to go home for the New Year, when seen this with white wine to replace the project?The party is very dissatisfied with this, distressed, so the company door head and more than ten boxes of liquor recorded down.At the same time, he shouted into the video: this is the wine from the top of the project, 600 yuan a bottle, can the workers still live?Don’t you have any parents?No children?Do you have peace of mind?After the video was posted on the Internet, it aroused the attention of netizens, who forwarded comments one after another, thus forming great public pressure on the company concerned.Finally, in the early morning of January 30, the company paid all the project money to the parties, bringing the incident to a successful conclusion.The majority of netizens are relieved, but through the company’s behavior can be seen that the company is able to settle accounts, the reason for taking baijiu to the project, is a disguised deadbeat, bullying honest people.Many netizens have commented, in fact, many netizens said that “the network is a good thing, expose him, much better than a lawsuit!””, “The power of the network, must praise!”And so on.I have to say that with the development of Internet technology, more and more ordinary people have places to share their lives and feelings. At the same time, many immoral or criminal behaviors are exposed, so that ordinary people have more ways and places to protect their rights and interests.However, there are also a lot of netizens expressed their concerns, such as the user said that “once exposed, your project money is to arrive, but you also come to the end of the road”, “this kind of thing too much, unless you do not pick up the project in the future, the most common project is to arrive, that is more ruthless”.It can be seen from the comments of these netizens that the project money is really not so good to want, otherwise it is normal to come up, to come up also smashed their own rice bowl.In this regard, it is estimated that many workers will be caught in a dilemma. If exposure leads to no project to be connected in the future, the loss is outweighed by the gain.Although I am not in this industry, I still support the way of online exposure of video producers. To put it bluntly, most people are afraid of exposure, which is their confidence to cheat on their debts.If everyone can use the weapons in good hands, dare to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, then we can correct the bad wind.In short, dare not expose, will only encourage the arrogance of the company, if we dare to expose, dare to deal with them to the end, after a period of time, we can set up the industry ethos of paying on time.What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a comment!

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