Venom live fubon Spring news confirmed the renewal of foreign investment Laurie

Chinese Professional baseball team Fubang Announced the news on July 7 that the high-profile foreign pitcher Luo Li has decided to stay in fubang. Fubang said that the two sides have reached a contract agreement today, and he will complete the contract, and will move forward in the direction of the first foreign player to obtain local player status.Rory, who was 7-9 with a 3.03 ERA in 25 starts last season, will become the first foreign player to qualify for a nine-year stint as long as he completes his career this season.However, Raleigh and Fubon Hummer negotiated the contract process for a long time, and finally confirmed the news in the Lunar New Year. Fubon Hummer said that after continuous communication, Fubon Hummer has reached a consensus with Raleigh, and the two sides will complete the contract signing within a few days.The club said that in 2022, Laurie will continue to wear the Jerseys to play in the central professional team, and the two sides will work together in the future, towards the first foreign player to obtain local player status.In addition, Fubon Warriors are also in contact with citic Brothers last year’s foreign investment ward, citic Brothers has obtained the consent to leave the team, if the agreement goes well, this season will also have the opportunity to join Fubon Warriors in Taiwan.

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