Can build 10 majors enter oneself for an examination

Built a 10 major can enter oneself for an examination: 10 professional construction division can enter oneself for an examination, but a professional examinee can enter oneself for an examination only, want to go to other professional, won the first-class construction engineer qualification certificate, can add items to enter oneself for an examination professional, examinee can combine their own professional and personal learning conditions, choose suitable for their own professional.The 10 specialties of first-class construction engineers include municipal engineering, construction engineering, electromechanical engineering, railway engineering, highway engineering, civil aviation airports, ports and waterways, communications and radio and television, mining engineering, water conservancy and hydropower.The exam content of these several majors is different, the examinee grasses the most solid to which major basic knowledge, can choose to take an examination of which major first, so the pass rate will be a few higher.Candidates who meet the examination conditions can participate in the examination of first-class construction engineer, and candidates who meet the exemption conditions can obtain the interview of construction engineering economics and construction engineering project management, which only need to take the examination of construction engineering laws and regulations and relevant knowledge, professional engineering management and practice.
If the candidate has passed the examination of first-class construction engineer, he/she needs to submit his/her personal information again if he/she wants to carry out the examination of additional professional. He/she only needs to take the examination of professional engineering management and practice, which is the subject. The other three subjects are not required to take the examination.No matter what kind of major to choose, examinee should depend on the situation and decide, do not undertake the choice blindly.2022 class A construction division preparation training camp global network school a construction guide 9 yuan to buy a column

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