Cry Wolf again: Biden gives new timetable for Russian invasion

It looks like Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s vacation plans will be put on hold after U.S. President Joe Biden gave a new timetable for what he called “Russian military incursions into Ukraine.”According to media reports, President Biden spoke again on the afternoon of February 18 local time, warning of what he called “Russian military incursion into Ukraine”.He declared that Mr. Putin had made up his mind to “invade” Ukraine with the goal of capturing Kiev, and offered a new timetable for the coming week or days.But at the same time, Biden again made clear that the United States “will not send troops into Ukraine,” but will “continue to support the Ukrainian people in their fight against Russian aggression.”Previously, Washington hyped the February 16 “100 Battalions of Russian troops into Kiev”, has lost its credibility, this “Wolf is coming” story to tell again, which makes the outside world feel very confused about his operation — really think that “a lie repeated a thousand times will become the truth?Seriously, Biden could have just announced that “The Russian invasion will take place on February 31.” What a great day, no one will ever see the truth!Not only did Biden repeat the lie, but Secretary blinken even re-performed the Powell speech at the UN Security Council in front of the international community.The New York Times and other U.S. media noted that Blinken deliberately used Powell’s famous words when he testified with washing powder, saying, “I am here today not to start a war, but to prevent a war.”It reminds us that Powell paid a special visit to the “true detergent” just months before his death from COVID-19, and it seems that Powell is eager to prove that he has the true story.Some foreign netizens said, “This plot, this line is too familiar.” Yes, Powell declared that he was to prevent the war, not long after the U.S. bombs fell on Baghdad, tanks and soldiers stepped into Iraq.Now blinken is saying the same thing, and we wonder, where are the Americans going to invade this time?Russia?It was impossible. Washington could not afford to be greeted by Big Ivan.Or Ukraine, as Biden said, is going to be invaded in a week, and since the Russians don’t want to move, the US can do it for them.After two “endless wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan and civil wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen, the world has seen the true face of Western intervention.Many scholars have pointed out that by hyping up the “Ukraine war crisis”, the US cannot turn itself into a “dove of peace”, but shows itself to be a “vulture”.Geopolitical expert Thomas Balken Jr. said in a commentary that by hyping up “war talk” during the Winter Olympics, the United States is only making itself look like a “villain.”China, he said, is also working on the situation in Ukraine, but unlike the United States, it is not calling for war or hyping up an imminent war, and it will not be happy if the situation between Russia and Ukraine becomes irrecoverable — in keeping with the Olympic spirit, in sharp contrast to the United States.The US has created wars and humanitarian disasters everywhere for Wall Street, for the military-industrial complex, for the DOLLAR. The Middle East, North Africa, South America have already suffered, but it wants more!No matter how much pigeon feathers Biden and Blinken paint on themselves, Washington is still a bunch of vultures staring at rotting flesh and blood. That’s what they are. We need to be vigilant!

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